Let­ter­press Prints With Dies

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Step 1: Place die (cut­ting side up) onto long strip of tape (ad­he­sive side up) to cre­ate han­dles for pick­ing up die after ink­ing (Photo 14).

Step 2: Tap ink pad on die’s cut­ting side; don’t ap­ply too much pres­sure or ink will pool in die’s crevices. For greater con­trol, use brayer to dis­trib­ute ink, ei­ther from ink pad or from squeez­ing drops of ink onto acrylic block (Photo 15).

Step 3: Make a cut­ting sand­wich, but in­clude an em­boss­ing mat. Place heavy card­stock or wa­ter­color pa­per on em­boss­ing mat, then, us­ing tape as han­dles, place inked die face­down on wa­ter­color pa­per. Use the tape han­dles to se­cure die and pre­vent shift­ing (Photo 16). Step 4: Run sand­wich through die-cut­ting ma­chine and care­fully re­move die (Photo 17).

The em­boss­ing pad prevents the die from cut­ting through the pa­per, thereby mak­ing it into an em­boss­ing tool while si­mul­ta­ne­ously em­bed­ding ink into the pa­per—so, tech­ni­cally, there’s re­ally noth­ing “faux” about this tech­nique!

Step 5: Al­low let­ter­press print to dry; use as de­sired.

How to Clean Let­ter­press Print­ing Tools

Re­move ex­cess ink from tools by wip­ing with a soft, dry cloth be­fore wip­ing them down with a baby wipe or other cleaner.

Goo Gone® is a con­ve­nient al­ter­na­tive to the We R Me­mory Keep­ers’ Let­ter­press Clean­ing Cloths.

Wash tools with a soap and water solution or a baby wipe to re­move any oily residue from Goo Gone. •





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