So Many Smiles

CardMaker - - Interactive Cards - De­signs by Robin Arnold


Card­stock: white smooth, Bazz­ill Basics (limeade) Pat­terned pa­pers: Bo-Bunny Dou­ble Dot (wasabi, pas­sion fruit); Doodle­bug De­sign (flow­ers) Stamps: sen­ti­ment; Cor­nish Her­itage Farms (Flower Wheel­bar­row dig­i­tal) IMAG­INE Crafts Me­mento tuxedo black ink pad Copic® mark­ers: B00, B02, B05, C3, C5, C7, C9, R81, R83, R85, V22, V25, V28, W0, W3, YG03, YG07, YG09 24 inches ivory seam bind­ing White self-ad­he­sive pearls in as­sorted sizes Mini choco­late bar ¼-inch length 3M pic­ture-hang­ing strip Punches: Martha Ste­wart (Eyelet Lace Punch Around The Page Set); Stampin’ Up! (small label); 1⁄8-inch hole Scor-Pal scor­ing board Ad­he­sive dots Ad­he­sive foam dots Pa­per ad­he­sive


1. Place a 12 x 12-inch piece of green card­stock on scor­ing board. Score ver­ti­cal lines at 3½ x 8½ inches. Ro­tate piece 90 de­grees and score ver­ti­cal lines at 3½ and 7 inches (Photo 1).


Ro­tate card­stock piece to orig­i­nal po­si­tion. With a pen­cil, make a mark 11/2 inches along left edge of piece; re­peat on right edge. Align marks with ruler and draw a pen­cil line con­nect­ing both marks (Photo 2). 3.

Cut off top two 31/2 x 11/2-inch cor­ners (Photo 3). 4.

Score along pen­cil line on card­stock piece. Score an­other line 1/4 inch to the right of first scored line (Photo 4). Erase pen­cil line. 5.

Work­ing in up­per left cor­ner square, score a di­ag­o­nal line from up­per left cor­ner to lower right cor­ner (Photo 5). 6.

Re­peat step 5 for each out­side cor­ner square scor­ing line from outer cor­ner to in­side cor­ner (Photo 6). 7.

Work­ing in left cen­ter square, make a pen­cil mark along left edge to mark cen­ter (Photo 7). Note: Mark at 13/4 inches. 8.

Score di­ag­o­nal lines from pen­cil mark to up­per right and lower right cor­ners of square (Photo 8). 9.

Re­peat steps 7 and 8 with right cen­ter square.


Re­fer­ring to photo, cut pieces of pat­terned pa­pers to fit each sec­tion of card­stock piece, lay­er­ing pieces as de­sired (Photo 9).


For cen­ter panel, stamp “…be­gin with you!” onto cen­ter of a 43/4 x 31/4inch piece of white card­stock. Punch lacy border around edge of stamped panel. Ad­here to green dot pa­per; trim a small border. Ad­here in place.


Turn card­stock piece over. Re­fer­ring to photo, cut two pieces from pat­terned pa­per to fit cen­ter tri­an­gles (Photo 10). 13.

Val­ley-fold all di­ag­o­nal lines (Photo 11). 14.

Moun­tain-fold all straight lines (Photo 12).


Cut a 5½ x 3¾-inch piece of white card­stock; punch lacy border around edge. Ad­here a 4½ x 3-inch piece of pink dot pa­per to green dot pa­per; trim a small border. Ad­here to lacy border panel. Ad­here to what will be front of top flap.


Print dig­i­tal im­age onto white card­stock; color with mark­ers and cut out. Ad­here to top flap with foam dots.


Stamp “so many smiles …” onto white card­stock. Cen­ter sen­ti­ment in small label punch and punch out. Ad­here to green dot pa­per and trim a small border. Trim left edge straight. Ad­here to top flap with foam dots as shown.


Color seam bind­ing with YG03 marker. Tie a bow at each end; ad­here ends to cor­ners on front of top flap as shown us­ing ad­he­sive dots.


To close box, first fold bot­tom and cen­ter di­ag­o­nal cor­ners in­ward so they lie flat on top of each other (Photo 13). 20.

Re­peat with top di­ag­o­nal cor­ners, fold­ing top flap down (Photo 14). 21.

For clo­sure, cut length of pic­ture­hang­ing strip in half. At­tach one half to cen­ter bot­tom on back of top flap. Ad­here sec­ond half to front of card where it closes.


Em­bel­lish card with pearls as de­sired.

Treat Holder


Cut a 5½ x 4-inch piece of white card­stock; punch a lacy border around edges.


Ad­here lacy piece to a 5½ x 4-inch piece of green dot pa­per. Cen­ter and ad­here a 4½ x 3-inch piece of pink dot pa­per to lay­ered panel. 3.

With long edge hor­i­zon­tal, score ver­ti­cal lines at 1½ and 4 inches. Fold and ad­here where ends over­lap.


Hold one end of treat holder to­gether and punch a hole through end; in­sert seam bind­ing through holes. Push mini choco­late bar into holder sand­wiched be­tween sides of seam bind­ing. Once choco­late is in­side, tie a bow and trim ends of seam bind­ing.


Decorate front of treat holder with pat­terned pa­pers as de­sired. ●


Form a 31/4 x 61/2-inch card from pink card­stock. Ap­ply dou­ble-sided tape along bot­tom and right edges and se­cure closed form­ing a pocket.


Cut a piece of black card­stock slightly smaller than pocket front. Cut a piece of pat­terned pa­per slightly smaller than black piece. Ad­here pieces to­gether.


Cut a 31/4 x 3/4-inch strip of white card­stock; punch scal­lops along bot­tom edge. Re­fer­ring to photo, ad­here scal­lop strip to re­verse bot­tom edge of a 53/4 x 1-inch strip of pat­terned pa­per. Ad­here to lay­ered pa­per panel as shown. 4.

Wrap white or­gandy rib­bon around pa­per panel and tie a bow; trim ends. Ad­here panel to pocket front.


Em­bel­lish chip­board let­ters as de­sired us­ing metal flower, twine, rib­bon and but­tons. Note: Use rib­bon to at­tach but­tons se­curely to let­ters. Ad­here let­ters to pocket.


Stamp “have an” and “ad­ven­ture” onto pink card­stock. Cut out words. At­tach cutout words, felt shape and gems to pocket.


For book­mark in­sert, cut a 3 x 63/8inch piece of yel­low card­stock. Cut a piece of black card­stock slightly smaller than book­mark; cut a piece of pat­terned pa­per slightly smaller than black piece. Layer and ad­here all pieces to­gether.


Use awl to pierce a hole through cen­ter of a felt shape; in­sert vel­vet brad. Fold an 8-inch length of rib­bon in half; ad­here folded end to back of felt shape. Knot rib­bon ends. Ad­here to cen­ter top of book­mark.


Stamp “ad­ven­ture” onto white card­stock; cut out and ad­here to scrap piece of rib­bon. Ad­here to felt shape on book­mark. Slide book­mark in­side pocket. ●


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