On-Pa­per Blend­ing



Water­color pa­per Ge­latos Pa­per stump or blend­ing tool Man­dala im­age (drawn or printed) Black pen

If you love the soft look of chalk but want vi­brant color, ap­ply­ing and blend­ing Ge­latos di­rectly on the pa­per sur­face is a tech­nique you will en­joy.

Step 1: Be­gin by draw­ing or print­ing out­lines of a sim­ple man­dala onto water­color pa­per.

Step 2: Ap­ply color by rub­bing a Gelato in the cen­ter of each space within the im­age. I like to be­gin in the mid­dle and work my way out to avoid smear­ing the color with my hand. Ad­vance the Gelato up in the con­tainer and use the edge for more pre­cise place­ment (Photo 7).

Step 3: Once a few spa­ces are filled in, be­gin blend­ing by bur­nish­ing color with a pa­per stump or blend­ing tool. The color will spread, lighten and cre­ate soft edges. If more color is needed, ap­ply di­rectly to pa­per or swipe blend­ing stump across Gelato to pick up more pig­ment (Photo 8).

Step 4: Con­tinue adding color and blend­ing un­til en­tire im­age is col­ored. The sur­face may ap­pear waxy or shiny. This is nor­mal (Photo 9).

Step 5: Out­line col­ored man­dala with a black pen to darken im­age. Add ad­di­tional de­tails as de­sired. Use a va­ri­ety of line sizes for added in­ter­est (Photo 10).





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