What’s on the menu?

C.A.R.E. - - Living With Cancer -

Cre­ate a re­al­is­tic yet nu­tri­tious daily meal plan for your­self like this: BREAK­FAST Low fat yo­gurt, or ce­real with fat free milk, or whip cream on a waf­fle SNACK Cup of pud­ding, some gelatin, or a piece of fresh fruit LUNCH Egg salad sand­wich, mac­a­roni and cheese, or a hearty soup SNACK Small bag of trail mix, muf­fin, crack­ers, piece of bread with peanut but­ter DIN­NER Baked fish, lean red­meat, baked potato with but­ter, peas or a casse­role, or stew

Dur­ing can­cer treat­ment, youmay not al­ways feel your best. Whole­some nu­tri­tion is key for nour­ish­ing your body, keep­ing up your strength, and for a quicker re­cov­ery. Choose foods that make you feel good, and that you are go­ing to en­joy. In the end, you re­cover stronger andwill be more nour­ished.” El­iz­a­beth Jaramillo-Lopez, RD, LD Out­pa­tient Clin­i­cal Di­eti­tian

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