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Get­ting a sec­ond opin­ion

At some point dur­ing your treat­ment, you may find that you want to talk with an­other doc­tor.

Some peo­ple find it hard to tell their doc­tors that they’d like a sec­ond opin­ion. Know that it is com­mon for pa­tients to get a sec­ond opin­ion, and most doc­tors are com­fort­able with the re­quest. Try say­ing:

“Be­fore we start treat­ment, I’d like to get a sec­ond opin­ion. Will you help me with that?”

“If you had my type of can­cer, who would you see for a sec­ond opin­ion?”

“I’m think­ing of get­ting a sec­ond opin­ion. Can you rec­om­mend some­one?”

You can also find the new doc­tor on your own. Once you have de­cided who you will see, ask doc­tor’s of­fice staff for: your med­i­cal records, orig­i­nal x-rays, and all test re­sults. You can have records sent or you can re­trieve and take to sec­ond doc­tor your­self.

This is your health, and your body, so en­sure that you feel taken care of to your sat­is­fac­tion.

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