C.A.R.E. - - Caring for the Caregiver -

10) Ev­ery sit­u­a­tion and per­son is dif­fer­ent. There is not a “one size fits all” ap­proach. Also, let go of “what if” think­ing.

9) Em­power your­self by go­ing to doc­tor vis­its, ask­ing ques­tions and ed­u­cat­ing your­self about the ill­ness.

8) Keep a close net­work of peo­ple who will let you share your feel­ings and pri­or­i­ties. This could in­clude fam­ily mem­bers, friends of your choice, and your boss and a few se­lect co­work­ers, if ap­pli­ca­ble.

7) Care­giv­ing is a jour­ney of cy­cles. Old emo­tions and is­sues may re­turn un­ex­pect­edly.

6) Com­mu­ni­cate hon­estly, clearly and fre­quently with the per­son you are car­ing for. Shar­ing your feel­ings can be re­ward­ing for both of you.

5) Never let the one you are car­ing for feel like they are a bur­den. As tough as it is to ad­mit, the sit­u­a­tion isn’t en­tirely about you.

4) Find your stress re­lief, whether it’s ex­er­cise, writ­ing, yoga, med­i­ta­tion or hang­ing out with pos­i­tive peo­ple. Do some­thing for your­self each day.

3) Ad­mit when the load is get­ting heavy. You may not be able to pro­vide all the care by your­self. Youmay need per­sonal strength from oth­ers.

2) Be kind to the per­son living with can­cer, to those around you who might not un­der­stand your role, and es­pe­cially to your­self.

1) Be mind­ful and ac­cept­ing of the chang­ing needs as the sit­u­a­tion evolves. Stay flex­i­ble, and make ad­just­ments as needed.

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