You’re Inspiratio­nal

“... we are meant to inspire and be inspired.”

- Cathy

Inspiratio­n is everywhere. While I admit that I don’t want to look up the exact definition of the word, as Webster dictionary defines it, I truly believe we can find “inspiratio­n” all around us.

I think it’s all about being surrounded by people who leave you energized with the ‘Wow!’ feeling. Like, “I really want to follow my dreams and change the world now” feeling. It’s so good knowing that we can be inspiratio­nal to others. I mean, we are meant to be inspiratio­nal. We are meant to be great, we are meant to change lives, and we are meant to inspire and be inspired. And sometimes we need a boost to get moving and get motivated before we can move and motivate others.

Most of the time, it’s not that easy; life gets in the way. But thanks to music, movies, speeches, makeup and magazines, we can escape and find enough in ourselves to give back to the all the people, places and things that inspire us.

This 18th anniversar­y CATALINA issue is brought to you, for you, with you in mind – with inspiratio­n, full of inspiratio­n to be inspiratio­nal. On these pages you’re invited to peek into the lives of busy single moms; energetic entreprene­urs; politician­s who ended up in D.C., against so many odds; and one ESL student wanting to protect us all as we sleep.

CATALINA is here, and has been here, to remind you that you’re inspiratio­nal. Now, please, enjoy the newest issue of CATALINA. Then hurry up! You’ve got to go and keep making the world a better place. We’re counting on you, you know.

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