Create a family-friendly ‘staycation’ with a 5 tips from our friends at Dairy Queen! What could go wrong?

5 ways to fill your home with happiness


With family vacations looking a little different this year, infusing new energy into playtime can turn any time at home into a fun “staycation.” Thanks to our friends at Dairy Queen, we have 5 updated ways to help battle boredom and get the whole family involved with some new home activity ideas to help fill your home with happiness:

CAMP-IN: Bring the great outdoors into your own living room with camping themed playtime. Set up a tent, roll out the sleeping bags and get ready to tell stories around a make-believe bonfire. Add your own hands, a flashlight and a little imaginatio­n to create easy animal- and nature-themed characters on your walls.

HAPPY CHATS: When the answer to “did you have fun today?” is always the same, it can be hard to keep the conversati­on flowing. Entice little ones to speak up at the dinner table by taking turns drawing cards from the Happy Chats card set, which is filled with unique prompts, questions and interactiv­e challenges.

PLAYBOOK: Sometimes all you need is a fresh take on classic fun to get excited again. Using common household items like utensils, you can easily turn down time into game time for the whole family. From a living room game of hot potato to hallway bowling, your home can become smile central.

COLORING: There’s a reason even adults have coloring books these days; it’s a chance to tap into your creativity and focus your attention on the simplicity of creating a work of art. Printable coloring books encourage fans to show off their art skills by coloring joyful scenes and iconic treats.

A SWEET SURPRISE: Make memories with an occasional shift in routine by surprising the family with dessert after they’re in their pajamas. Have one adult tackle bedtime and send the other to a local favorite (like Dairy Queen) for some drive-thru treats. Visit DQPlayAtHo­ to find more inspiratio­n for staycation family fun.

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