Actress Jenny Lorenzo shows that her Latina childhood can lift spirits and make you laugh.

- By SoFIA durAn

She may seem larger than life but, when you pull out the measuring tape, Actress and YouTube star Jenny Lorenzo is just 5 feet tall (even in

chancletas). Don’t believe me? You shouldn’t because this pocket-sized comedian is a heavy weight in every other aspect of her life.

So, throw aside that measuring tape, and treat yourself to an afternoon of binge-watching this self-proclaimed “Cuban American geek from Miami, who is also your Abuela” on her YouTube channel “Jenny Lorenzo.” She does admit she’s “tiny,” but, when it comes to making her audiences laugh, there’s just nothing small about her.

I first stumbled upon Jenny’s work when I was trying to explain how Latina moms are probably going crazy with the Clorox during coronaviru­s. Three hours later, my Greek friend and I had tears in our eyes from laughing at Jenny’s famous “Abuela” character emptying out her gargantuan purse supposedly for an unseen cameraman’s directions. What followed was a table full of Abuela’s contents of her everyday purse: a centerpiec­e from a recent quin

cenara; a can of frijolesne­gros; multiple packets of ketchup, hot sauce, and Splenda (some from “elWendys”); a framed (clearly outdated) photo of her granddaugh­ter; a ceramic espresso cup with the Cuban flag; and a stove top espresso maker with freshly made hot cafécubano; and a sweater “por

sihaycaso,” of course.

Jenny, a Miami native, moved to Los Angeles and helped kick start “Latin content” at Buzzfeed with Pero Like, but has since ventured on to become a voice actress playing Lupe in Cartoon Network’s Victor

andValenti­no, and every character in her

YouTube sketch comedy series.

Whether she’s playing “America’s Abuela” or the confused, mac-n-cheese addicted millennial Laritza on her hit YouTube series, I say that this petite comedian’s ability to make everyone laugh and happy with every new video makes her at least over 6’5” tall! Yes, her Laritza character would say, “Oh my Gawhhhhd! It’s so, mom!” But, as her mom, Maruchi, would reply: “Ay, no it’s not, Laritza. It’s “Guao!” (You just have to go to YouTube and see what I mean.)

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