- By Cristina Areu CATALINASt­ars:Young & Famous Podcaster 4th Grader

“These days, the things that make me happy are listening to music, having movie nights with my family, walking around the lake with my sister, and riding my bike. Before COVID shut down my school, I looked forward to going to school, because I would see my friends, and I would say “hey,” and we would all talk. I liked having breakfast with my friends. After school, it was fun to be with my friends. Some of my friends took out paper and would draw. Then they’d go home, and say “bye, see you tomorrow.” Then the next day, we would finish what we were drawing on the same papers after school. I miss that. I miss school, and seeing my teachers and substitute­s, and fun worksheets for holidays. But, I’m happy now. … because I’m still learning because my mom is teaching me in a fun way. And I’m learning piano. And I wouldn’t have done it before. I don’t think so. Even though COVID has shut down school, I don’t think I would have learned piano. And now I know what a ‘plot’ means in movies. I’m learning. It’s different. And it’s still fun. And I’m making the best out of it. I’m happy. I hope other kids are happy. You just have to find another hobby to be happy. And stay happy. We just have to wait it out. And Coronaviru­s will pass.” ■

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