Meet: Paulina Csitkovits The Teen Actress/Singer says “Anyone Can Sing.”


“Since I was very, very little I was obsessed with Hannah Montana. It’s all I would d watch on TV. I wanted to be like Hannah Montana. Since she sang, I wanted to start singing. I love it a lot. I had her microphone, and I dressed as her for Halloween. And, when I was 10 or 11, I would do talent shows at my school and recitals. Later on I got a vocal coach, and she really taught me all the techniques, and I got better.

Anyone can learn how to sing. It just requires a lot of technique: vocal control, breath ... it takes time but anyone can do it.”

~ As Told to Cristina Areu

Listin now!

■ For more singing advice from Paulina Csitkovits, go to “CATALINA Stars: Young and Famous with Cristina Areu” wherever podcasts are found. Listen to an unscripted conversati­on between the youngest Latinx podcaster/journalist in the country and one of the most talented teenage singer/ actresses we know! (Bonus: Paulina sings one of her favorite Miley Cyrus songs.)

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