Iza Montalvo celebrates “the longest holiday season” with Coquito and shows you how to too.

- By Iza Mantalvo About the Author Iza Montalvo is a journalist, producer, and radio host of “Hoy en 60 Minutos” on iHeartRadi­o. She’s also the creator of the first Spanish-language feminist radio show in the U.S. To get to know her even better, listen to h

As far as I can tell, the longest holiday season in the world is celebrated in Puerto Rico. The festivitie­s begin in November and end with the “octavitas,” eight days after the Three Kings Day.

Every Christmas, my mom used to make her famous coquito to give away to friends and family as a gift and ever since, her recipe has become a tradition in our family. And there is no Christmas without Coquito in my home. That’s the one thing I can count on every year. I invite you to add this to your holiday season, and maybe you’ll feel the same way I do (happy and ready to celebrate).

Coquito is a delicious and creamy coconut milk beverage that’s very popular during the holidays in every Puerto Rican household. Some claim it is like eggnog, but please don’t add eggs to the mix or you’ll ruin it. If you want to impress your friends or guests this Christmas I’m going to share with you my mom’s secret recipe. I think it’s the best recipe out there. You’ll thank me later.

3 cans of coconut cream (Coco López)

2 cans of coconut milk

I can of condensed milk

1 cup of white rum (Palo Viejo, Don Q, or Bacardi) ¼ cup of brandy (Felipe II)

4 tsp vanilla extract

3 tsp ground cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks

Put in the fridge and enjoy! ■

And there is no Christmas without Coquito in my home.

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