Our fashionist­a promises Winter/Holiday fashion that goes beyond hoodies and sweats, but you’ll have comfort.

A respected fashionist­a dares us to go beyond the sweats and hoodies.

- By Monica Rodriguez

Has the era of Zoom calls and home studios caused us to forget dresses, pumps, and, ... gulp ... , jeans? Have we forgotten who we are? Sad answer? Yes, I think so.

Let’s take a moment to do what any rational person would do with an identity/ fashion crisis and quickly listen to Disney’s Moana soundtrack (mostly written by

Hamilton’s Lin Manuel Miranda) for advice. Moana’s sweet voice sums it up: “… this is not who you are. You know who you are. … Who you truly are.” Phew. Long-term identity crisis averted.

Next, to the fashion dilemma. This time Moana cannot help, but luckily there’s someone who can. Our favorite stylist in the continenta­l United States: Josepha Thomas. She happens to be the general manager for the women’s store White House Black Market, in Downtown Chicago, Ill., which means she’s surrounded by fashion, and customers seeking help, like us, every day. And she means business. Fashion business.

“I’ve been loving fashion for as long as I can remember. I honestly don’t remember a time when I didn’t love putting together outfits,” Josepha says.

But so many of have been loving my hoodies, leggings, and sweats too much lately. And, by “lately,” we mean 8 to ten months now. But, Josepha (knowing who we are, who we truly are: people who love beautiful dresses and classic pumps) understand­s. “We love our hoodies and sweats because they are comfortabl­e. Comfort can be translated to fun fashion with incorporat­ing athleisure pieces, lux lounge pieces and comfortabl­e clothes.”

So, if a fashionist­a, who feels our pain, says comfort and fashion can go together this holiday and winter season, then count us in!

To celebrate feeling and looking great, read on for Josepha’s fashion tips, shared exclusivel­y for us fashionist­as (in hoodies):

CATALINA: What’s in right now?

Josepha Thomas: Oversized sweaters, chunky boots, maxi faux leather coats, matching printed tops and bottoms, bucket-style bags, and chunky gold chain necklaces.

CATALINA: What’s out?

JT: Chunky sneakers, logo mania, slip skirts, neutral tones, short blazers, satin, mid-waist pants, and uncomforta­ble clothes.

CATALINA: Any fashion tips to look for in 2021?

JT: Shoulder pads will be back! Oversized blazers, head scarfs, sorbet pastel tones, white boots, and pop-of-color accessorie­s.

CATALINA: Are you as happy to say goodbye to 2020 as we are?

JT: I’m happy to have it made it through 2020, and I count my blessings. I’m optimistic to see what 2021 will bring us.

CATALINA: What are you wearing here?

JT: I’m wearing tiered midi dress, mixed metal stars necklace, leather and suede mid-heel pumps, and celestial jewelry clip; all from White House Black Market.

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