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I’d like to introduce you to someone you’ve seen on our pages, or heard on a podcast near you: Cristina Areu.

She’s a petite 9-year-old with huge dreams. And one of those dreams is to keep interviewi­ng young and famous Latinx stars for advice, how-to tips, and pep talks. Lots of pep talks. She’s been doing it since she was 8 years old (last year) (pre-COVID) as CATALINA’s youngest journalist, who turned into the nation’s youngest podcaster.

Every week, you can find her interviewi­ng stars from Disney, Netflix, Hulu, Marvel series; and singers, voiceover actors, writers, and film stars too for her podcast: “CATALINA Stars: Young and Famous with Cristina Areu.” Every star has great advice and inspiratio­n and tips on how to dream big and go for it. They’ve taught her, as she says, to: “Never give up!” And she doesn’t. And neither should any of us.

I’ve seen, first-hand, what’s possible, if you really try. This fourth grader follows every young and famous star’s advice and ends up in interestin­g places. She’s been featured on national television, interviewi­ng the adult interviewi­ng her. She’s landed a spot as a voiceover actress for a new educationa­l program for kids, after a star taught her how to memorize lines like a pro.

What’s next? Who knows? But I can’t wait. And, it doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice (this is a judgement-free zone), join the fun. For deets, just go to The “kid” (as some old-timers have­ars. called her) is on fire, and she has big dreams, big plans, and big projects in the works. Best part: you’re invited for all of it.

More good news: the holiday celebratio­ns last way after Three Kings Day around here, thanks to Iza Montalvo (on page 7)!

Happy Holiday Issue!

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