Crossword ”Windy March”

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4. Louisianan of French de­scent 7. vi­o­lent trop­i­cal storm or cy­clone, es­pe­cially in the China seas and western Pa­cific 10. main stalk of a plant that bears buds and shoots 11. sud­den strong cur­rent of air or wind 13. sud­den strong wind, o en with heavy rain or snow 14. ap­par­ent force that, as a re­sult of the earth's rota on, de­flects mov­ing ob­jects, in­clud­ing air cur­rents, to the right (east) in the north­ern hemi­sphere 19. wind with a speed of be­tween 39 and 54 mph 21. winds that blow pre­dom­i­nantly from a sin­gle gen­eral di­rec on 23. scale for mea­sur­ing wind speed de­ter­mined vis­ually by the wind's ef­fect on smoke, veg­eta on, etc.


1. farewell 2. spin­ning col­umn of air, ro ng rapidly around a core of low pres­sure 3. thin-toothed strip o en plas c, used to smooth or ar­range hair 5. strong, per­ma­nent high-al tude wind that moves east in a me­an­der­ing pa ern, af­fec ng the devel­op­ment and move­ment of weather sys­tems 6. wan­derer 8. small, dust-laden whirl­wind 9. too 12. fu­ri­ous 15. se­vere storm with very high winds and o en rain, hail, or snow 16. painful mus­cle con­trac ons 17. light to mod­er­ate wind 18. gen­tle gust or puff 20. cylin­dri­cal roll of to­bacco leaves for smok­ing, with thin brown pa­per or a sin­gle to­bacco leaf as an outer cov­er­ing 22. sud­den, pow­er­ful rush of wind

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