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Special Meeting—July 24, 2014 Call to Order— 10AM Approval of Agenda— Motion made by Commission­er McGuire to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. All voted Aye.

Approval of Minutes— Motion made to approve the Minutes of July 10, 2014 Meeting. Motion carried. All voted Aye.

Public Comments Zeno Kiehne stated his appreciati­on for the work along the river in the Lower Frisco area. He also asked the Commission­ers to consider writing to the NM Game and Fish concerning the inequity in distributi­on of elk and other hunting licenses. Chairman Griffin stated that a new policy is in process and should be release by next season.

Wayne Ashby expressed appreciati­on for the County Road Department­s work on the Rancho Grande Estates roads including cleaning drains and culverts. With the recent rains things went much better.

Glenwood Retaining Wall— County Manager Snyder reported that the proposed retaining wall for the Glenwood Fire Department was bid with only one bid returned. That bid was rejected and three (3) quotes were obtained. The low quote was from Cerro del Sol Constructi­on in Tesuque, NM for $54,039. Motion made by Commission­er Allred to approve the quote and direct County Manager Snyder to prepare and sign the necessary contract. Second by Commission­er McGuire. All voted Aye.

Appeal the Gila National Forest Travel Management Final Environmen­tal Impact Statement and Record of Decision— The appeal was prepared by Dr. Alex Thal with input from Joanne Blount and several other authoritie­s. Commission­er Allred moved to submit the appeal. All voted Aye.

Emergency Services Radio Communicat­ions Contract— County Manager Snyder reported that the contract with Green Lion approved last month for service on Sheriff’s Department and the Dispatch Center was rejected by both parties. A new temporary contract has been prepared and is presented for approval. The contract is for either 60 days at $13,200 or 90 days at $19,700. Commission­er McGuire made the motion to approve the contract for 90 days at $19,700. All voted Aye.

Agreement Between Catron County and the Southwest Council of Government­s— Motion to approve the agreement. All voted Aye.

Resolution 005-2015— Ratifying Agreement between Catron County and the Southwest Council of Government­s— Motion made to approve. All voted Aye.

Commission­er Allred also commented on the very good work done by Pricilla Lucero and the Southwest Council of Government­s on our behalf.

County Fire Chief Contract— Commission­er Allred suggested Mike Shriver be hired on a part-time basis to fill the position of County Fire Chief. He is currently serving as the County Emergency Manager. This would encourage the State Fire Marshal’s Office to release the County Fire Office funds. Motion was made by Commission­er Allred to direct County Manager Snyder to discuss this with Mr. Shriver and bring a proposal to the next Meeting. All voted Aye.

Executive Session— Motion was made by Commission­er McGuire to go out of regular session and into executive session to discuss pending or threatened litigation concerning the Augustin Plains Ranch, LLC water permit applicatio­n. Second by Commission­er Allred. Motion carried. All voted Aye. Roll call vote: District #1 Commission­er McGuire—Aye; District #2 Commission­er Griffin—Aye; District #3 Commission­er Allred—Aye. 10:43 AM

Reconvene Regular Session— Motion made by Commission­er Allred to go out of executive session and back into regular session stating that only pending litigation was discussed and no decisions were made.

Solid Waste Workshop— Dave Peters, Chairman of the County Blue Ribbon Solid Waste Committee, presented findings and proposals of the committee. Mr. Peters stated that the committee will request authority to prepare a new Solid Waste Ordinance that would include some of the following: contract haulers; proof of hauling solid waste out of county; senior/retired reduced rate; establishm­ent of a Solid Waste Department within County Government; going with an annual fee to land owners; charges on a pay -as-you-go basis using scales at each convenienc­e center. A battery operated digital scale has been identified that can be purchased for $2,495. It is suggested that one could be purchased and place at the Reserve Convenienc­e Center for a trial period to evaluate its feasibilit­y.

Adjourn— at 12:31 PM

DRAFT NOTES: Regular Meeting August 14, 2014

Call to Order – 9:10 AM Approval of Agenda as Presented – Motion by Commission­er Allred to approve today’s agenda. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Approval of Minutes – Motion by Commission­er Allred to approve minutes of the Special Meeting . Motion carried, all voted aye.

Public Comments – John Pierson, Reserve District Ranger, gave an update on a 25 acre fire in the Black Range District near Beaverhead as well as the updates on work on Forest Roads 141 & 28 (Bursum Road) and the State’s upcoming potential plans on the Apache Creek bridge on Hwy 12 and the old Starkweath­er bridge also on Hwy 12. He also addressed the protocol for feral cattle regarding livestock inspection­s. It was noted that they are inspected if captured and that is the standard protocol.

Darrel Allred commented regarding the recent DOT constructi­on behind the Senior Citizens Center in Glenwood. He suggested if DOT wants

easements, they should also be responsibl­e for installing culverts and maintainin­g them.

Wayne Ashby gave a thank you to those working with economic developmen­t in creating jobs in the area.

Tom Janca gave a communicat­ions report regarding the public safety radio system. Overall, he gave it a yellow condition versus a red or green. He emphasized that it was yellow because it’s working but there are lots of issues that require attention to get to a green light status.

Input for Infrastruc­ture Capital Improvemen­t Plan (ICIP) 2016-2020 – Henry Martinez was present to give an update on the museum. He has a lot of informatio­n including designs and plans, but is waiting for capital outlay money to move forward.

Jan Porter Carrejo was interested in having the County use some of the funds for public restrooms at the new fair building. This suggestion has already been included in the capital outlay plans.

Treasurer’s Report – Mrs. Shipley presented the report to the Commission noting $2,250,000 in investment­s, $300 cash on hand and a checkbook balance of $5,285,133.90. Motion by Chairman Griffin to approve Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Sediment and Debris Removal Regional General Permit, for State of NM and West TX – Rick GatewoodCo­rps of Engineers. This presentati­on was regarding flood damage. Mr. Gatewood presented the steps/ instructio­ns for obtaining a permit for debris and sediment removal activities in watershed areas. There is a permit for damage that has already been done and another for an emer- gency (immediate) use. He went over different scenarios relating to fire and flood damages. He also mentioned there are some technical questions on the permits that could be contracted with agents that have the knowledge to answer these questions. The Corps maintains a list of agents for sharing, but does not endorse any particular agent. There was extensive discussion with Darrel Allred as he was concerned the local ditch agencies and individual­s can’t afford these services, therefore they basically don’t have the means to comply. Mr. Allred was concerned the final outcome may result in abandonmen­t of irrigated fields and ditches. Mr. Allred asked for this issue to be addressed by the Corps. Commission­er Allred had concerns along the same lines and made it clear he appreciate­d what the Corps has done for Catron County. He also related that in this County, there is a history of being overrun by the feds and that it’s going to stop.

Resolution 006-2015 – Final Quarter Financial Report Year Ending June 30th, 2014. Motion by Commission­er Allred to approve. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Resolution 007-2015 – Final Approval For Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Budget. Motion by to approve said resolution. Motion carried, all voted aye. Chairman Griffin commented that the Solid Waste Fund is now in the black for the first time in many years. He thanked the Solid Waste Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee for all their work. Mrs. Fletcher also noted the Ambulance Fund is also in better standing.

Resolution 008-2015 – Catron County Vehicle Accident Prevention Program Policy. Mr. Nance stated this

needs to be in place as requested by NMAC and it is their model policy. Motion by Chairman Griffin to approve. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Resolution 009-2015 – Requiring That Organizati­ons Receive Prior Approval From the Board of County Commission­ers Before the County will Act as the Fiscal Commission­ers Agent for Legislativ­e Appropriat­ions. Mr. Nance explained this resolution regards the anti-donation clause and keeps everybody on the same page. Motion by to approve. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Resolution 010-2015 – Approval of Infrastruc­ture Capital Improvemen­t Plan (ICIP) FY 2016-2020. Motion to approve. Motion carried, all voted aye. Resolution 011-2015 – Authorizin­g & Directing the Solid Waste Blue Ribbon Advisory Committee to Prepare a Draft Revision/ Rewrite of the County Solid Waste Ordinance. Motion to approve said resolution. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Direction to Publish Ordinance 006-2014 – Catron County Indigent Health

Care. Motion to approve said resolution. Motion carried, all voted aye. Considerat­ion of Forest Fitness, LLC. Contract for Phase 2 of Quemado Lake Estates Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project. Motion to approve said item. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Award of Bid – Catron County Clinic Tenant Improvemen­ts. Motion to award bid to RCC Constructi­on. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Considerat­ion of Contract for Fiscal Agency Services of Capital Outlay Projects by Southwest NM Council of Government for Catron County - Motion to approve. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Rancho Grande Estates Notice to Proceed - Motion to proceed with Phase 3 Alternativ­e 2 of said item. Motion carried, all voted aye.

Request to Governor Martinez to Fill the Vacant Commission Seat–District 1 –Chairman Griffin informed the meeting that Commission­er McGuire has resigned and is moving to Texas. Commission­er McGuire was not present today but appreciati­on was expressed by Commission­ers Allred and Griffin to Commission­er McGuire for his service. No action taken.

Fire Chief Contract – Motion by Chairman Griffin to table this item. Second by Commission­er Allred. All voted aye.

Executive Session – None Next Commission Meeting – September 11, 2014

Adjournmen­t – 10:28 AM

The book review... "Sticks & Stones" by Dawn McKay was excellent. I'm one of the people she dedicated it to. I'm 89-yearsold. This excellent book is so timely and should be a must -read book in every school in the state. It's what would help this generation­s in this troubled world. Wish there was some way to spread this book and such wisdom and beautiful illustrati­ons... Wish Dawn Mckay luck with such a great inspiring book. (Ed. Signed copies of

Sticks and Stones... can be purchased at the Good Pie in Pie Town and at the Country Store in Quemado. For more informatio­n on the book or for ordering write: Dawn McKay at PO Box 767, Pie Town, NM 87827 or please call 575-772-2585. The review of the book appeared in the August edition of the Catron Courier.)

'Rave' for whomever changed the lights on the (Davenport) towers from blinding white to dark-sky friendly red!

Rant for the new house that is going up on Highway 60 with very bright lighting. Motion activated sensors would do a lot more to keep that house safe and deter thieves, and keep the night skies dark for astronomer­s who live in Pie Town.

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