What’s Easy to Re­cy­cle ?

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More than 100 mil­lion Amer­i­cans re­cy­cling used and old ma­te­ri­als—but are you still try­ing to sort which items you can re­cy­cle, what goes into the com­post, and what items have to go into the garbage?

The Na­tional Re­cy­cling Coali­tion has put to­gether a list the top ten most im­por­tant items to re­cy­cle. Th­ese are the easy ones to re­cy­cle

Alu­minum cans are 100 per­cent re­cy­clable and can also be re­cy­cled over and over again. Even bet­ter, re­cy­cled cans into new cans takes 95% less en­ergy. And you can earn money by tak­ing your cans into town.

1: Alu­minum.

2: PET Plas­tic Bot­tles.

About 25 bil­lion sin­gle­serv­ing bot­tles of wa­ter will be sold this year, ac­cord­ing to the Con­tainer Re­cy­cling In­sti­tute. Nearly 80% of those end up in a land­fill. Mak­ing plas­tic out of re­cy­cled re­sources uses about twothirds less en­ergy. So start a new habit of re­cy­cling plas­tic.

News­pa­per can be re­cy­cled, but can also be great for com­post­ing. Soak news­pa­per in bone meal and wa­ter and use it in your gar­den (un­der the soil).

3: News­pa­per.

#4: Card­board.

In 1996, the US gen­er­ated 29 mil­lion tons of OCC, or 13.8% of our mu­nic­i­pal waste stream. Next time UPS de­liv­ers a big box to your of­fice, break it down and re­cy­cle it—or use it like news­pa­per to help hold wa­ter in your planters.

Steel can be re­cy­cled over again with­out com­pro­mis­ing the qual­ity. And it’s not just steel cans that can be re­cy­cled—auto parts or ap­pli­ances can earn you scrap money.

#6: HDPE plas­tic bot­tles (high-den­sity poly­eth­yl­ene). Th­ese have a logo on the bot­tom of the con­tainer—three ar­rows in the shape of a tri­an­gle. Num­bers 1 and 2 are eas­ily re­cy­clable, but 3 through 7 are not. Buy 1 and 2 when you can. Rinse and clean the con­tain­ers, store and take them to town.

Re­cy­cling just one glass con­tainer saves enough en­ergy to light a 100watt bulb for four hours! If you don’t save your glass jars, re­cy­cle them.

#5: Steel.

#7: Glass.

#8: Magazines and #9: Mixed pa­per.

Th­ese don’t burn well, but re­cy­cling one ton of pa­per saves 17 trees

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