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Catron Courier - - Front Page - By Thea Mar­shall

On May 1, the aline­ment of Venus, Mer­cury and Mars is on the West­ern hori­zon. Mars will set by 8:48 PM and Mer­cury, vis­ually close to the Pleiades; will set by 9:36 PM. Venus, the bright­est and high­est on the West­ern hori­zon, will set at 11: 21 PM, close to the bright fixed star of El Nath at 11:27. The other bright star, Capella, will not set un­til 12: 55 AM.

At sun­set, Jupiter will be high over­head, just past the mid-heaven and close to the stars of the Lion, while the ris­ing Moon, which will be full on May 3, can be seen in the east in com­pany with the bright, white star, Spica, in the Vir­gin. Just be­low it and to the left, the bright red star Arc­turus will be vis­i­ble.

On May 5, the wan­ing Moon will rise at 9:43 PM, be­tween Saturn and Antares, ‘The Heart of the Scor­pion’, and will closely con­junct the three stars that make up the fore­head of the Scor­pion.

By May 15, Saturn—still con­join­ing the three stars that form the top cross of the big ‘J’ which this con­stel­la­tion also re­sem­bles—will be seen ris­ing in the east half a hour af­ter sun­set at 8:30 PM. It will be one of the last chances to see Mer­cury as the planet reaches its high­est point in the west­ern sky on May 18. By May’s end, Mars and Mer­cury dis­ap­pear from the evening sky, with Orion and Sir­ius, as Vega rises in the east.

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