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Sus­tain­abil­ity sim­ply means some­thing that can keep on go­ing for a long time. And, back in the old days, it re­ally was just a mat­ter of be­ing a thrifty soul. Those val­ues still ap­ply—but what are some old ideas that are new again?

Plant a gar­den. This was once the kitchen gar­den, then it be­came a Vic­tory gar­den, now it’s a way to get out­side and get some ex­er­cise and fresh veg­eta­bles that don’t cost much.

Green-clean. This is as easy as hit­ting the cold wa­ter but­ton, and dry­ing clothes on a rack in­stead of in ma­chine. You'll save money, too—about 5% of all elec­tric­ity used in US homes is used on the dryer.

Don't skip tune-ups Care for your ap­pli­ances and they will re­ward you with lower en­ergy costs and longer op­er­at­ing lives. This in­cludes your car, heat­ing and cool­ing ap­pli­ances and the fridge, too.

Buy to last. In these days when ev­ery­thing seems dis­pos­able, go back to the old fash­ioned way of shop­ping for those once in a life­time pur­chases. Look to maybe even shop for gen­tle used. There’s noth­ing so sat­is­fy­ing as a good bar­gain! Re­think what’s waste. Your trash is some­one’s else’s trea­sure. And there are plenty of ways to recy- cle and re­use, in­clud­ing do­na­tions to lo­cal thrift stores, re­selling with places such as and GiveBack­

And con­sider putting in a straw bale com­poser with worms to eat up the kitchen waste. It’ll save you money on what you do have to pay to have hauled away. Re­think the va­ca­tion. Fly­ing uses up re­sources from the en­vi­ron­ment and your pock­et­book. Plus there’s the headache of the TSA! So how about head­ing back to the old fash­ioned car va­ca­tion—or take the train! Go­ing slower lets you en­joy the scenery, and on the train you can meet some new friends.

Buy lo­cal. It’s been said a lot, but think back to the days when you did go to the lo­cal store for what you wanted. Sure, you may need trips into town—but why not make those some­times in­stead of reg­u­lar. Af­ter all, what you save in pen­nies on the price you may be spend­ing in dol­lars on gas and wear and tear on your ve­hi­cle. Be­sides, what can re­ally beat lo­cal beef from the lo­cal store?

Keep­ing busi­ness lo­cal keeps your neigh­bors em­ployed and puts money in the pock­ets of lo­cal fam­i­lies.

So let’s head back to some of the old val­ues of thrift and good sense that makes for cents in your hand, too.

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