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Q. How many in­tro­verts does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Why does this have to be a group ac­tiv­ity?

At a wed­ding, a kid asked her mother why the bride was dressed in white. The mother said, “White is the color of hap­pi­ness and this is the hap­pi­est day of her life.” The kid then asked why the groom was dressed in black.

Q. Why can’t a Tyran­nosaurus clap? A. It’s ex­tinct. Q. Why are li­braries so strict?

A. Be­cause they go by the book.

Q. Why did the school kids eat their home­work?

A. Be­cause the teacher told them it was a piece of cake.

It was so windy, while I was rid­ing it blew a bug OUT of my eye. It was so windy, it sand-blasted my tat­too off my arm. It was so windy, I’d swear my speedome­ter was go­ing back­ward.

Two farm­ers were talk­ing about the last big tor­nado. One farmer said to the other, “How much did you lose?” The sec­ond farmer said, “Lost the hen­house and all my chick­ens. But that’s okay, ‘cause I made up for it in gain­ing three cows and a pickup.”

Two farm­ers were com­par­ing weather sto­ries, one from West Texas and the other from New Mex­ico. The farmer from Texas said, “You know the wind gets so bad out here, those big wind tur­bines they in­stalled some­times bend right over on their sides.”

The farmer from New Mex­ico said, “That’s noth­ing. It blows so bad out here that one day it was blow­ing over a hun­dred miles per hour, and one of my hens that had her back to the wind, why she laid the same egg six times.”

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