June Gar­den­ing

Catron Courier - - News - by Wilma Stan­ton, Master Gar­dener

June has ar­rived, along with a few spe­cial days. Flag Day is June 14, Fa­ther's Day is June 17 and, of course, June 21 is the sum­mer sol­stice. My fa­vorite day is June 28, the day of the full moon.

At this time of year, it is in­ter­est­ing to see the stages of plant growth, ac­cord­ing to where you live. Up where I live, we are still hav­ing very cold nights, so I have planted seeds, but couldn't put out ac­tual plants yet. When you go into Re­serve, you see flow­ers bloom­ing and green grass grow­ing, so it is quite dif­fer­ent.

If you have blue­grass grow­ing, be sure to set your mower on a higher set­ting, as blue­grass goes into a semi-dor­mant state in the sum­mer and should be mowed higher and less fre­quently. If you have Ber­muda or Zoysia, they should be fer­til­ized and treated en­tirely dif­fer­ent than blue­grass.

When your tulips quit bloom­ing, they should be dug up and stored in mesh bags if pos­si­ble. Be sure and re­move dead blooms from your plants, as you will have many more blooms if you do. Be sure and fer­til­ize roses after the first bloom is over. Keep lights away from your mums as lights con­fuse them, so place a card­board box over them at night.

Many of your herbs can be har­vested. If you har­vest them now, you should be able to do so at least one more time this sum­mer. Re­mem­ber, the only way to pull weeds is when the ground is moist. It is the only way to get the roots. You should be able to plant a sec­ond crop of some veg­gies this month. Be sure and fer­til­ize them.

As I have done many types of gar­den­ing, peren­ni­als have be­come my fa­vorite plants. They re­mind me of old friends, as they are there when you need them. Peren­ni­als don't re­quire the care and ex­pense of an­nu­als and they will grow year after year with lit­tle main­te­nance. No mat­ter what cli­mate you have, or what type soil you have, there will al­ways be peren­ni­als that will grow there. Peren­ni­als also make gar­den­ing eas­ier for all be­cause they only need food, wa­ter and oc­ca­sional stak­ing. In plant­ing, it is best to do so in groups of 3, 5 or 7, as it is bet­ter than grow­ing a sin­gle plant.

Some of my fa­vorites are phlox, bee balm, bellflower, columbine, day lilies, and iris. Also, I like Bleed­ing Heart, car­na­tions, asters, Hi­bis­cus, Hol­ly­hocks, Pe­onies and Yar­row. There are many oth­ers, and I am sure you will find some to suit your tastes in plants.

May the sum­mer of 2018 be a great time for you and your fam­ily as you work to­gether to pro­vide food, fun and fel­low­ship for all. ◊◊◊

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