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Got a big drill or screw hole in a piece of wooden fur­ni­ture, wood pan­el­ing, or door or win­dow fram­ing? Stick dip the tip of a wooden golf tee in wood glue then tap it into the hole with a ham­mer. Cut the ex­cess off with a saw then re­paint or re­fin­ish the wood.

Next time an axe, rake, shovel or other tool breaks, don’t buy an­other tool, just buy a re­place­ment han­dle. Also, re­mem­ber to keep those tools sharp. Sharp tools work much bet­ter than dull tools.

Use C-clamps on your lad­der at what­ever height you need to keep tools just as a ham­mer at your fin­ger­tips.

Dip wood­screws in dish­wash­ing liq­uid be­fore driv­ing them in to make them turn more eas­ily.

To re­duce splin­tered edges as a saw blade ex­its ply­wood, press mask­ing tape onto the back side of the cut. The cut won't be ab­so­lutely clean, but it will be bet­ter than with­out tape.

Have you ever pulled a drawer too far out and had the con­tents and the drawer it­self crash to the floor? Here’s a so­lu­tion—pull the drawer out as far as it’s safe to go then put some tape on the rail right where it pro­trudes from the cab­i­net. Look for that tape the next you pull the drawer and don’t pull it out past the tape!

On a dif­fer­ent note, can you give up plas­tic? Prob­a­bly not, but our world is cur­rently over­whelmed by plas­tic, and you can cer­tainly help re­duce the load with a few sim­ple things.

1. Take your own re­us­able bags to the store. A tril­lion plas­tic shop­ping bags are used world­wide ev­ery year, and 100 bil­lion in the United States alone—that’s al­most one per Amer­i­can per day. Step out of this mess and start us­ing your own bags to shop.

2. Skip straws, or ask for a pa­per straw. Or bring your own. Ama­ has a huge va­ri­ety of re­us­able straws, so you can be a trend­set­ter with a glass, stain­less steel or sil­i­con straw. Amer­i­cans toss 500 mil­lion plas­tic straws ev­ery day, or about 1.5 per per­son, but we could cut those num­bers.

3. Avoid plas­tic pack­ag­ing. Buy bar soap. Buy in bulk. Avoid pro­duce sheathed in plas­tic. While you’re at it, give up plas­tic plates and cups—go for good old pa­per and make it a retro pic­nic.

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