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Sustainabi­lity Tips (Continued from page 4)


mix of olive oil and baking soda. Clean the cans and you’re ready to start.

To make lovely votive candles with a design in the tin, get some gold or white spray paint for multi-surfaces, some duct tape and make a paper or printed template of the design you want to punch into the tin. You’ll also need a punch or nail and a mallet or hammer.

With the clean can, fill with rice and freeze (this allows an easier time punching the design into the tin). Tape the paper design to the tin, and punch in your design. Do this on two sides if you want to use these on a table. Remove the paper, thaw with water, and paint your tins. Now they’re ready for a candle inside to light up your design.

Cleaned and painted tin cans make great holders for pencils, pens or craft supplies. If you put six together, attached to a center piece of wood that is also painted, you can add in a handy carrying strap and you have a caddy for silverware or supplies.

Glue rope or fabric to a can, or paint your old cans, to create lovely planters. If you group your cans with different sizes, you’ll have a lovely planter arrangemen­t. (Don’t forget to create some drainage holes, and you can use cans cut down to create pans to hold water overflow.)

If your cans have great labels, keep them and make them part of the design for your planter.

Smaller cans, such as for tuna, can be covered with fabric, and have a top stretched over a sponge to create a pin cushion, which is a lovely handmade Christmas gift for someone who sews.

If you cut off both ends of your cans, paint and glue them together to create a wine rack.

Cans can also be nailed into a wooden board to create a place to hang ropes, bridles or other things you’d like to organize.

Basically, use your imaginatio­n and have some fun creating something new from something old. ◊◊ ●

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