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Gila Forest Updates


On September 20, the Gila National Forest, Quemado Ranger District, closed the Pinyon Campground in the Quemado Lake Recreation Area for the season. The Juniper Campground also in the Quemado Lake Area, closed for the season on September 30. The campground­s at El Caso will remain open. For questions, please call the Quemado Ranger District at 575-7734578.

At Snow Lake in the Reserve Ranger District, the Gila National Forest noted there has been a blue-green algae bloom. The forest is advising caution as it can cause health risks in humans and pets if ingested, inhaled or touched. The lower water levels and heat can cause algae growth along the shorelines of the lake and along any coves. The forest advises against humans and pets from swimming in or drinking from the water.

A final update was put in on September 16 on the Apache Fire, which was reported on September 4. As of that date, the fire was minimal, with some smoldering stumps and smoldering heavy dead/down timber. ᴏᴏ ◊

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