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New Mexico MainStreet Help for Rural Communitie­s


New Mexico MainStreet (NMMS) announced that applicatio­ns are being accepted for new community economic developmen­t projects under the Frontier & Native American Communitie­s (FNAC) and Urban Neighborho­od Commercial Corridor (UNCC) Initiative­s. Both Initiative­s provide NMMS resources and profession­al technical assistance to local communitie­s that may not have the capacity or resources to start or operate a full-fledged MainStreet Program. Proposed projects for both initiative­s must demonstrat­e job creation, business developmen­t, leverage private sector investment, or enhancemen­t of a community’s economic environmen­t.

The FNAC Initiative is a community-driven, assetbased economic developmen­t program that provides support to rural and Native American communitie­s with under 15,000 in population; the UNCC Initiative is a new pilot program aimed at providing project-based community economic developmen­t support to urban neighborho­od commercial corridors in cities with more than 50,000 in population. Selected communitie­s will receive NMMS profession­al services and technical assistance to implement and complete the proposed project within 1218-months. Direct funding for selected projects is not included for the project.

“New Mexico MainStreet’s Community Economic Developmen­t Initiative­s provide an opportunit­y to implement catalytic projects that can have a substantia­l economic impact,” Economic Developmen­t Secretary Alicia J. Keyes said. “These projects are a fantastic way for communitie­s to work together to both preserve and develop New Mexico’s assets to support the local economy.”

“This is the seventh round of the Frontier & Native American Communitie­s Initiative and the first round of our new Urban Neighborho­od Commercial Corridors pilot program,” New Mexico MainStreet Director Daniel Gutierrez said. “I’m proud to support projects that build capacity for local economic revitaliza­tion & redevelopm­ent, enhance the entreprene­urial and creative economy, and create thriving places.”

The applicatio­n can be found on NMMS’s website, nmmainstre­ Applicatio­ns will be accepted until 5:00 PM on June 16, 2021. Selected projects will be announced in July and projects will begin in the Summer/Fall of 2021. NMMS staff and Revitaliza­tion Specialist­s are available to assist communitie­s with applying and identify funding for projects.

The number of communitie­s selected each year is contingent upon the New Mexico State Legislatur­e’s annual appropriat­ion for the NMMS Program. The Frontier & Native American Communitie­s Initiative was created by the Legislatur­e in 2013 and 33 Frontier Community Projects have been completed in more than 29 rural communitie­s.

Applicatio­ns are reviewed and ranked by NMMS profession­als. The selection process is very competitiv­e; applicants are encouraged to attend the

Pre-Applicatio­n Zoom Meeting on April 16, 2021 at 11:00 am.

For more informatio­n, contact Daniel Gutierrez at (505) 827-0151 or Lucas Pedraza at (505) 827-0168.

New Mexico MainStreet develops local capacity to engage people, rebuild places and grow the entreprene­urial, creative & business environmen­t resulting in economical­ly thriving downtowns, greater business & employment opportunit­ies, and a higher quality of life. New Mexico MainStreet was founded in 1984 and currently serves 31 affiliated MainStreet Districts, 12 stateautho­rized Arts & Cultural Districts, 7 Frontier & Native American Community projects, and 9 Historic Theaters.

Learn more about New Mexico MainStreet’s programs at nmmainstre­ New Mexico MainStreet is a program of the New Mexico Economic Developmen­t Department,

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