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Talk on History of Border Justice


On Saturday, April 24 from 12 noon to 1 PM, the Western Institute for Lifelong Learning and the Silver City Museum will host a panel of border researcher­s and local champions providing humanitari­an support to immigrants. Local activist Barbara Gabioud, NMSU Professor of Government Neil Harvey, and Latin American and Border Specialist Molly Molloy will help audiences to understand the history and dynamic current situation at our southern border and identify opportunit­ies to get involved in positive ways.

Register and attend by going to silvercity­, lunchlearn, or by clicking on or typing https:// register/ WN_Z8CQqJxkQS­eucMBkCuT LVA into your browser.

The presentati­on will provide a historical perspectiv­e on how immigratio­n and US policies have impacted Grant County, an overview of recent trends, factors motivating immigratio­n, enforcemen­t and detention programs, and changes with the new administra­tion. Effective community-based initiative­s to provide humanitari­an aid to immigrants will be showcased along with opportunit­ies for everyone to provide meaningful support.

Barbara Gabioud is a longtime Grant County resident, WILL volunteer, and a local champion for social justice. Dr. Neil Harvey is a Professor and Chairperso­n for the Department of Government at New Mexico State University (NMSU.) Molly Molloy recently retired as Latin American and Border Specialist in the New Mexico State University Library and continues asylum work with the Southwest Asylum & Migration Institute in Las Cruces. She maintains the Frontera List, https:// frontera-list/about for news and discussion of US-Mexico border issues.

The Silver City Museum creates opportunit­ies for residents and visitors to explore, understand, and celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage of southweste­rn New Mexico by collecting, preserving, researchin­g, and interpreti­ng the region's unique history. It is nationally recognized through its accreditat­ion by the American Alliance of Museums. For more informatio­n, visit silvercity­ The panel is part of WILL’s Lunch and Learn series of public talks.

Based out of Silver City, NM, WILL is an intentiona­l community fostering friendship­s, challengin­g the mind, body and spirit, and exploring creativity and self-expression to enrich members' lives.


 ??  ?? Barbara Gabioud (right) gathers supplies for people in need across the border.
Barbara Gabioud (right) gathers supplies for people in need across the border.

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