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Crafts from the Garden (Continued from page 30)


tichoke get air. Slowly push out the bracts a little each day, and spray with hairspray. Cattails can be sprayed with hairspray after they have dried and you want to use them in arrangemen­ts.

Some of you who like to make wreaths should dry flowers and seed pods and use them to make interestin­g and unusual wreaths. Some of my friends like to make potpourri. If you want to try this, be sure and use orris root to preserve the fragrance. Take the flowers apart and dry on a screen placed where the air goes all around the flowers. Be sure they are completely dry or you will have to contend with mold. When dry, place the flower combinatio­ns in jars. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice, dried orange or lemon peel. You can also dry geranium leaves, as they have a nice scent.

When the ingredient­s have been placed in the jars, stir gently. Add the orris root powder to the jar to set the fragrance. Place the sealed jars in a dark room for about six weeks and then the concoction

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