Michael Was Headed To Jail!


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Five years ago, THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Michael con­fessed to mur­der­ing his wife’s for­mer lover, Carmine, be­liev­ing that Lau­ren or Fen had killed the sleazy bar­tender.

Chris­tian Jules Leblanc, who plays the dis­graced at­tor­ney, be­lieved that his al­ter ego would spend the rest of his life be­hind bars be­fore he would let ei­ther his wife or their son spend one minute in jail! “Noth­ing mat­ters to him ex­cept mak­ing sure his fam­ily is safe,” said the Emmy win­ner. “I love the way they wrote it, where his mind is go­ing a mile a minute. There’s not a lot of emo­tion when he con­fesses. His fo­cus is on his fam­ily.”

In fact, Michael pulled out all his le­gal- ea­gle moves when Paul in­ves­ti­gated. “He can’t let this go to trial,” said the ac­tor. “He thinks Fen [is guilty], and he knows he wouldn’t make it in prison.

“What­ever hap­pens to him,” the ac­tor con­cluded, “Michael is not go­ing to take that risk!”

“I must look guilty. I’m wear­ing my gin rummy face in­stead of my poker face.”

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