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hav­ing now passed the one-year mark since she first set foot on the DAYS OF OUR LIVES set, Vic­to­ria Kone­fal has def­i­nitely hit her stride. Un­for­tu­nately, she ob­serves, Ciara — the trou­bled char­ac­ter that she’s made her own — seems on the brink of emo­tional col­lapse. Thanks to Hope’s de­ter­mi­na­tion to bring Ben down, Ciara is now won­der­ing if per­haps her would-be beau ac­tu­ally at­tempted to kill her! “It’s shat­ter­ing for Ciara. Ben was a per­son whom she re­ally thought that she could trust,” sug­gests Kone­fal, adding that the in­ti­macy they’d built in the cabin meant some­thing. “It re­ally rocks Ciara’s world in terms of her out­look on life… Now she’s back to doubt­ing her­self.”

Can Ciara For­give Ben?

While it’s hard to ar­gue against the ev­i­dence, there’s still a small piece of the young woman that wants to be­lieve in Ben’s in­no­cence. Might there still be hope for their friend­ship — or what­ever it is that they’ve shared? “Ciara’s a pretty for­giv­ing per­son, es­pe­cially when she cares about some­one. And it’s very ev­i­dent that she cares about him a great deal,” Kone­fal ob­serves. “Tripp shat­tered her, and she ended up for­giv­ing him, so I’m sure she could find some room in her heart to for­give Ben.” (con­tin­ues)

Vic­to­ria Kone­fal says that the last per­son DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Ciara trusts th­ese days is her­self

Be­trayed Again!

Steve’s el­der son is quite eager to be there for Ciara dur­ing her emo­tional up­heaval and prove that he’s wor­thy of her. How­ever, the fact that he’d just again been caught kiss­ing her niece, Claire, makes Ciara’s head spin. “Things keep smack­ing her in the face,” Kone­fal sighs sym­pa­thet­i­cally. “It’s like this girl can’t catch a break ever!”

For­tu­nately for her earnest room­mates, Ciara doesn’t have the emo­tional en­ergy to start hold­ing an­other grudge. “She’ll be up­set but just can’t har­bor that much pain any­more,” Kone­fal says. “It’s not even worth it. She al­ready dealt with cr ying over Tripp cheat­ing on her be­fore.”

So in­stead, Ciara will demon­strate her grow­ing ma­tu­rity by mak­ing a dif­fer­ent choice. “She’ll fight through the hurt and try to be the happiest ver­sion of her­self that she can be.”

A Hope-ful Truce?

Hav­ing al­ready lost her beloved fa­ther, Ciara will likely want to pri­or­i­tize heal- ing the rift that she caused with her po­lice-com­mis­sioner mother by threat­en­ing to cut her off. That might start with un­der­stand­ing Hope’s dogged pur­suit of the case against Ben. “Ciara is grate­ful. Whether it was too much or over­bear­ing,” Kone­fal sug­gests, “she knows

that the rea­son be­hind Hope’s be­hav­ior was the love and care that she has for [her daugh­ter], and that’s never gonna go away.”

Just the idea of get­ting to share more scenes with Hope’s por­trayer, DAYS veteran Kris­tian Al­fonso, is some­thing that lights Kone­fal up. “She has been an ab­so­lute rock for me,” the new­comer shares. “She taught me all about Ciara’s life, and she re­ally took me un­der her wing and helped me blos­som.”

At DAYS, “we call Lu­cas Adams (Tripp) ‘the dad,’” the in­genue says. “He was born and raised in Texas, so he’s a manly man, and he knows how to do ev­ery­thing.”

“Ciara’s ma­tured a bit since she hopped on her bike and crashed,” Kone­fal sug­gests. “She has things a lit­tle more un­der con­trol.”

“Claire’s able to think 10 months into the fu­ture — that’s how her brain works,” Kone­fal ob­serves. “So when an op­por­tu­nity presents it­self, she uses it.”

Robert Scott Wil­son (Ben) and his lead­ing lady “love adding el­e­ments of sur­prise to our scenes,” says the ac­tress.

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