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Billy Self-de­structs!

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Billy quizzed Ash­ley about pay­ments she made to a con­sult­ing firm, prompt­ing her to lie. As he sank deeper into gam­bling, Billy tried to smooth things over with Ash­ley, who ac­cepted… un­til he can­celled her pay­ments! Later, she met with her con­tact, An­drew, to make her pay­ments per­son­ally. Mean­while, Kyle stepped up his plan to bring down Billy, con­vinc­ing a gam­bling syn­di­cate to lure in his un­cle. The scheme worked, with Billy em­bez­zling to buy into the syn­di­cate! Kyle pres­sured Glo­ria to help him ob­tain ev­i­dence of Billy’s thiev­ery, but was stunned and frus­trated when Ash re­fused to ex­pose her brother. In­stead, she called Traci, hop­ing she’d take over the CEO spot. Traci re­fused, but staged an in­ter ven­tion. Alas, Billy be­lieved it was an­other tac­tic for Ash­ley and Kyle to take over the com­pany and stormed off. After get­ting drunk, Billy crashed Sharon’s bach­e­lorette party, prompt­ing Jack to toss him out when he got phys­i­cal with Phyl­lis. On a down­ward spi­ral, Billy was ar­rested after get­ting into a bar fight. When Phyl­lis came to bail him out, he ad­mit­ted that he’d em­bez­zled from Jabot to sup­port his gam­bling habit!


Jack was stunned to learn that the man in Dina’s pic­ture was Vic­tor’s fa­ther, Al­bert! When he dis­cov­ered from Nick what a mon­ster his grand­fa­ther had been, Jack con­sid­ered drop­ping his in­ves­ti­ga­tion… un­til, that is, Vic­tor or­dered him to do so! Jack in­vited Vic­tor’s brother, Matt, to town so he could get a DNA sam­ple. When The Mus­tache spot­ted the men to­gether, he pres­sured Matt to refuse Jack’s re­quest! Even­tu­ally, Matt per­suaded Vic­tor that they couldn’t hide

f r om the tr uth. Un­der­stand­ably, Jack was re­lieved when the DNA test proved he wasn’t Vic­tor’s brother. How­ever, this left him frus­trated that he’d hit yet an­other pa­ter­nity dead end!


Sharon re­mained sus­pi­cious of Tessa when she re­fused to go to the hos­pi­tal after be­ing at­tacked by the smug­glers. To help pay off Tessa’s debt, Mariah got her girl­friend a job at Dark Horse. Mean­while, Rey hired Sharon as a vic­tim li­ai­son at the GCPD, hop­ing to dis­cover the truth about what hap­pened to J.T. Iron­i­cally, Sharon ac­cepted the gig to keep tabs on Rey’s in­ves­ti­ga­tion! Dur­ing their bach­e­lor/bach­e­lorette par­ties, Sharon and Nick de­cided to con­fess their se­crets. To pre­vent it, Phyl­lis pulled the fire alarm and used the re­prieve to con­vince Nick to stay quiet about their night of pas­sion. At the same time, Nikki and Vic­to­ria pres­sured Sharon to keep mum about J.T.! As Sharon and Rey con­tin­ued to bond, she of­fered to rent him the apar tment above Crim­son Lights. Across town, Devon hon­ored Hi­lary’s prom­ise to pay for Shauna’s col­lege tu­ition. Mat­tie was ar­rested after chain­ing her­self out­side the prison in her “Free Lily” cam­paign. Kyle found his in­ter­est piqued by Lola — which up­set Sum­mer! On the pos­i­tive side, Sum­mer and Phyl­lis be­gan to mend their re­la­tion­ship. Mariah was shocked to learn about Nick and Phyl­lis’ one-night stand!

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