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With the body from Char­lie’s iden­ti­fied as Mar­gaux’s fa­ther, Vin­cent Marino, she and Jor­dan re­al­ized Sonny was the likely sus­pect. Mike, who was un­able to re­mem­ber what he’d done with the mur­der weapon, started look­ing into care fa­cil­i­ties. Ja­son couldn’t be­lieve Robin wanted a re­la­tion­ship with her brother, while she (and Sam) warned him his brother might need him one day. With Franco sup­port­ing Drew, Kim fi­nally agreed to tell Os­car he was sick. Un­for­tu­nately, Cameron put it to­gether and blasted his com­pe­ti­tion for hid­ing his can­cer from Joss­lyn. As Terry was dis­cussing an ex­per­i­men­tal ther­apy with Kim and Drew, Os­car stormed in and was fu­ri­ous to con­firm he had a deadly brain tu­mor. After a talk with Ja­son, how­ever, Os­car re­united with his par­ents — which in­spired Ja­son to visit Sam. Ju­lian, mean­while, felt left out. Baby Wiley was di­ag­nosed with the same ge­netic heart con­di­tion Michael had, so Lu­cas wanted to talk to the birth mother… and Ju­lian had to talk down baby-swap­per Brad. Gre­gory Chase re­vealed he was sick and asked son Finn to treat him. Maxie seemed con­flicted about her feel­ings for Peter. After of­fer­ing Franco some very un-kevin­like ad­vice, Ryan had din­ner with Lucy and, thanks to Maxie’s con­cern for her mother, landed a date with Mac and Feli­cia. While Nina wor­ried Cas­san­dra would want re­venge, Cur­tis se­cretly ran DNA to see if Sasha was her daugh­ter. Un­able to for­give Jor­dan, Stella told Cur­tis she couldn’t come to his wed­ding. After Ava had Grif­fin ex­com­mu­ni­cated from the church, he took the apart­ment down the hall from Kiki’s. When Ava had it out with Kiki, Nina couldn’t be­lieve the way she talked to her own daugh­ter. Of course, Ava then came to make peace, only to find Kiki with Grif­fin — so she dis­owned her!

When John switched Mar­lena out for Hat­tie, he ended up get­ting trapped in a sticky sit­u­a­tion! Gabi drugged Abi­gail and kicked her re­venge plan against her for­mer friend and Ste­fan into high gear. Paul ques­tioned Will about their re­la­tion­ship sta­tus, as Adri­enne tried to com­fort a heart­bro­ken Sonny. Chloe put Bon­nie on no­tice, warn­ing her not to mess with Lu­cas. But when Lu­cas re­ceived the re­sults of the pa­ter­nity test, he first asked Adri­enne for a fa­vor, then brought Justin along to try mak­ing a deal with Bon­nie! After be­ing of­fi­cially re­leased from jail, Sami was hell­bent on find­ing out whether EJ re­ally was alive or not. She headed straight for the Dimera man­sion to find Kris­ten and get her to talk, but all she found in­stead was Ste­fan. He, of course, had al­ready quizzed Kris­ten on EJ be­fore she stormed over to the hos­pi­tal in­tent on fin­ish­ing Mar­lena off! Ben, mean­while, tried con­vinc­ing Ciara he had been set up, but she wasn’t buy­ing it. So, feel­ing be­trayed by him (and with Claire al­ready mov­ing in on her man), Ciara made the de­ci­sion to com­mit her­self to Tripp. Not ev­ery­one was so cer­tain of Ben’s guilt, though. Rafe and Hope fought after he ques­tioned whether she’d planted the ev­i­dence on the pos­si­bly re­formed se­rial-killer, and even Shawn ad­mit­ted to Belle that he was hav­ing doubts about his mother. Eve made a last-ditch ef­fort to keep Jen­nifer from telling Eric the truth about Nicole, but it was all for noth­ing. Eric was stunned to fi- nally learn what had hap­pened to Nicole, just as Brady got up­set­ting news about Tate. When Eric con­fronted the Ti­tan CEO, all hell broke loose! Backed into a cor­ner, Eve had no choice but to make a con­fes­sion to Brady, but that wasn’t enough to keep him from blast­ing her for cost­ing him his child. And Jen­nifer wasn’t far­ing much bet­ter with Eric, as, after he turned to Mag­gie to help him find Nicole, Jen tear­fully re­turned her en­gage­ment ring to him!

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