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THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Bill and Brooke have a long and in­tense his­tory, but when he swooped in for an on­the-lips kiss after she vis­ited him in his of­fice to dis­cuss Katie’s cus­tody suit, there was a de­cid­edly creepy #Metoo vibe to his star­tling pass. Dol­lar Bill may be a card-car­ry­ing jerk in any num­ber of ways, but some­thing about the un­to­ward ad­vance felt ex­cep­tion­ally skeevy in the light of to­day’s cul­tural cli­mate,


LOVE, AC­TU­ALLY While we think THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Sum­mer should have her head ex­am­ined for her ap­par­ent dis­in­ter­est in Kyle — girl, have you not seen his six-pack abs? — we’re kind of dig­ging their role re­ver­sal. Way too of­ten, it’s the gal who tends to be in love with the guy when she jumps into bed with him, while the guy is more in­ter­ested in sex with no strings at­tached. To watch Kyle de­cide that he cared too much for Sum­mer con­sid­er­ing Brooke hadn’t given him any sig­nals to sug­gest she’d be re­cep­tive to such a move. Frankly, we’re a lit­tle sur­prised the blonde felt com­pelled to lobby for him with Katie in the first place. When you con­sider that Katie and Bill’s di­vorce was a di­rect re­sult of Brooke’s in­volve­ment with her broth­erin-law, per­haps Donna would have been the bet­ter emis­sary in a sit­u­a­tion like this one!

to en­gage in ca­sual sex was a re­fresh­ing change! That said, we’re wait­ing for the day the hunk moves on to some­one more wor­thy of his at­ten­tions ( hello, Lola!), and Sum­mer re­al­izes that she lost her chance for some­thing much bet­ter than a roll in the hay!


DRESS FOR SUC­CESS Back­burner­ing Hope For The Fu­ture mere weeks after fund­ing a splashy pub­lic launch seems a bit baf­fling from a busi­ness stand­point, but we never quite un­der­stood the whole char­i­ta­ble com­po­nent of Hope’s line. Is a la­bel pred­i­cated on giv­ing away free stuff re­ally the best way to pro­tect For­rester’s bot­tom line? Hope’s mes­sage is a fine one in the­ory, but we highly doubt young so­cial jus­tice war­riors of

the world are ever go­ing to grad­u­ate to pur­chas­ing $10,000 cou­ture dresses, as the blonde so naively sug­gested. If St­effy re­ally wanted to stick it to “Saint Hope,” maybe she ought to sug­gest a “Buy a pair, give a pair” an­gle for her In­ti­mates line — good­ness knows an in­di­gent per­son would prob­a­bly ap­pre­ci­ate a new set of skivvies to Hope’s chif fon scarves! … or did you find it odd that Y& R’s Sharon didn’t phone the cops to re­port trou­ble at Crim­son Lights after get­ting a call from Tessa, who sounded like she was be­ing as­saulted? In­stead, Sharon drove all the way back to town from the ranch — when the GCPD is only down the block — wast­ing valu­able min­utes that could have been used to pos­si­bly stop the crime! Of course, we’re find­ing Tessa’s ac­tions just as bizarre, be­gin­ning with her claim that she needs $20,000 to pay off the smug­glers she hired to sneak her sis­ter, Crys­tal, into Canada. Um… since when do peo­ple like that take IOUS?

“Wait… you’re say­ing Ca­sual-sex Fri­days aren’t a thing?”

Bill def­i­nitely crossed the line with Brooke!

“I al­ready am dressed, Hope. I was go­ing to lunch. Wanna join me?”

“Tessa, did you se­ri­ously just sug­gest I put up my dukes?”

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