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Will the truth crash Nick and Sharon’s wed­ding?

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Al­most four years ago to the day, THE YOUNG & THE REST­LESS’ Sharon was walk­ing down the aisle to re­marry Nick when their wed­ding im­ploded, thanks to Phyl­lis’ re­turn. This week, Phyl­lis once again may have a huge im­pact on the cou­ple’s nup­tials, if Mariah de­cides to tell her mom about Nick’s one-night stand with his ex! Will his­tory re­peat it­self in the worst pos­si­ble way?

Eyes Wide Open

As the week be­gins, Sharon is the beam­ing bride-to-be, hav­ing man­aged to put aside her doubts over Nick’s trans­for­ma­tion into a more ruth­less — and, dare we say, Vic­tor-like — busi­ness­man and per­son. “Sharon al­ways imag­ined that one day she and Nick would get back to­gether and get re­mar­ried, but she imag­ined they would be like they were be­fore,” re­veals Sharon Case (Sharon). “I think it was a process for her to go through to re­al­ize that they are not that way any­more, that peo­ple don’t stay the same. So she’s putting that be­hind her and is fine with [the new Nick]. She’s mov­ing for­ward with her life, the wed­ding and her mar­riage to Nick.”

In fact, the only small

hitch in the duo’s hap­pi­ness is Faith, who is ap­proach­ing their up­com­ing mar­riage with more cau­tious­ness than con­tent­ment. “Nick and Sharon are well aware how skep­ti­cal Faith is, and they feel re­ally badly about that,” sighs the Emmy win­ner. “But they also know there is noth­ing they can do. They can’t go back and fix the past for Faith. What they can do is be bet­ter this time. And they be­lieve that they will! They think that what­ever Faith is feel­ing will com­pletely go away once she sees that they are a happy, mar­ried fam­ily again!”

Mariah’s Dilemma

Ah, but what Sharon doesn’t know — that Nick spent a night in bed with Phyl­lis — could def­i­nitely hurt her and shat­ter her dream of a hap­pily ever after! Will the blonde stun­ner learn the truth? Ear­lier, Mariah dis­cov­ered the dev­as­tat­ing se­cret when Sum­mer blurted it out to her, but she isn’t rac­ing to de­stroy her mom’s bliss­ful state of mind. “At first, Mariah is just try­ing to make heads or tails of the truth of the mat­ter,” pre­views Cam­ryn Grimes (Mariah). “This [news] is com­ing from Sum­mer, who is some­one Mariah finds to be un­re­li­able. But then Kyle con­firms it, and she is forced to re­ally wres­tle with this.

“She doesn’t have any proof — just two peo­ple con­firm­ing a story,” con­tin­ues the ac­tress. “But it does kind of fall in line with the time­line, and so she’s just try­ing to process it and fig­ure out the best course of ac­tion.”

And as far as Mariah is con­cerned, that might not be blab­bing to her mom — ever! “Does she keep it from Sharon be­cause it was just one night, and maybe it didn’t mean any­thing?” muses Grimes. “She’s try­ing to gather all the in­for­ma­tion she can and make an in­formed de­ci­sion rather than a purely emo­tional one.”

A Lose/lose Sce­nario

Grimes ad­mits that if her al­ter ego had learned about Nick’s in­fi­delity a cou­ple of weeks ago, when Sharon was hav­ing her own doubts about the hunk, it would have been a heck of a lot eas­ier to re­veal the se­cret! But see­ing her mother so happy in re­cent days is a huge part of her dilemma. “Mariah has seen Sharon come so far in her per­sonal jour­ney,” she says. “Sharon’s grad­u­ated col­lege and worked re­ally hard to root her­self and sta­bi­lize her­self. And now she’s back with this man who is chang­ing and evolv­ing in his own right. Mariah has a love for her mom, for Nick, for her whole fam­ily, and she re­ally wants to see this re­la­tion­ship work!

“Mariah also sees how Sharon keeps go­ing back to Nick,” adds her por­trayer. “There’s got to be some­thing there! I don’t think Mariah wants to see this crash down. But what do you do when you are given this kind of in­for­ma­tion? The wed­ding is upon ev­ery­one, and she has to fig­ure out what she’s go­ing to do! She’s weigh­ing both sides — keep­ing the se­cret or telling Sharon the truth — and try­ing to fig­ure out which one will be worse!”

“Con­se­quences” To Come!

Of course, if Mariah de­cides that she’d rather throw rice at the bride than the truth… Shick fans might only be get­ting a tem­po­rary re­prieve. After all, if there is one ab­so­lute in Genoa City, it is that the truth even­tu­ally sur­faces! Whether it’s to­day or to­mor­row or years in the fu­ture, Grimes warns the au­di­ence to brace them­selves for the shock­waves that will be com­ing. “I think there will be con­se­quences for a long time — not just hav­ing to do with this one-time [fling]. When the se­cret [does come] out, it will end up set­ting off a chain of events that will in­ter­link a lot of Genoa City to­gether!”

“Mariah is weigh­ing both sides — keep­ing the se­cret and telling the truth — and try­ing to fig­ure out which one will be worse.”

Nick and Phyl­lis both stand to lose their sig­nif­i­cant oth­ers.

Seems like old times!

Thanks to Sum­mer’s big mouth, Mariah’s faced with a big de­ci­sion.

If this pic­ture doesn’t prove that ig­no­rance is bliss, noth­ing will!

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