Gold Star: Jacque­line Macinnes Wood (St­effy) & An­nika Noelle (Hope)

THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Jacque­line Macinnes Wood (St­effy) and An­nika Noelle (Hope) traded ci­vil­ity for sass!

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Two great fash­ion lines, both alike in dig­nity. But only one could come out on top, and when St­effy’s made the cut on THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL, Hope tried (but failed) to hold her tongue. The en­su­ing spat kept us glued to our screens as long-sim­mer­ing sen­ti­ments fi­nally bub­bled over into a vent­ing of vit­riol. An­nika Noelle (Hope) and Jacque­line Macinnes Wood (St­effy) played this quar­rel with queenly con­tempt, thus earn­ing our Gold Star for the week!

Diva Vs. Doyenne

Un­like their moth­ers’ re­cent con­tretemps, there would be no fling­ing of frost­ing in Hope and St­effy’s con­fronta­tion. Rather, both tried to keep a level head, but this proved eas­ier said than done. As dif­fi­cult as it was for St­effy to see Hope sport­ing her small baby bump, it was equally ex­cru­ci­at­ing for Hope to wit­ness St­effy look­ing hella sul­try in the lin­gerie that had bested her col­lec­tion. “I get it,” St­effy

re­marked of her de­ci­sion to mar­ket the wares. “It’s not your style. You’d rather be out there sav­ing the world.”

The sar­casm was ev­i­dent in her de­liv­ery, and when she sug­gested that Hope had a prob­lem with her sense of ethics, the blonde shot right back. “Ethics? In­ter­est­ing word choice,” she said. “I won­der if you even re­ally know what they are.”

Dis­pens­ing With Pleas­antries

Their voices never reached a scream­ing pitch — they were de­ter­mined not to re­peat their moth­ers’ cy­cle of feud­ing, after all. Still, calmly cut­ting words man­aged to fell their re­peated at­tempts at play­ing nice. When Hope in­sisted to St­effy that she re­spected her in so many ways, the brunette replied, “But what you don’t re­spect, you judge. Con­stantly.”

Hope fought to main­tain her cool, but her voice cracked as she sadly re­flected on her loss. “It hurts,” she ad­mit­ted. “And it’s tough, be­cause this doesn’t just feel like busi­ness; this feels per­sonal.”

She went on to call St­effy a daddy’s girl (them’s fightin’ words!), prompt­ing her ri­val to dou­ble down on her “I am woman, hear me roar” spiel, a pointed dig at Hope. “No woman should ever wait around for a man,” she said. “I’m cer­tainly never go­ing to do that again.”

Though the ladies never quite veered into cat­fight ter­ri­tory, their finely-whit­tled barbs, with all their re­sent­ment-filled sub­text, packed a wal­lop nonethe­less!

Wood and Noelle’s in­sults were thinly-veiled enough to re­veal St­effy and Hope’s an­i­mos­ity.

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