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Sharon Case (Sharon, Y&R)

“I’ve never even thought about it. I think most peo­ple have an idea. It’s like baby names; most peo­ple have their baby names picked out even if they don’t have chil­dren, and most peo­ple have their tat­too picked out. But oddly, I’ve never, ever even con­sid­ered it! I have no idea!”

Ingo Rademacher (Thorne, B&B)

“A wed­ding ring, be­cause I hate wear­ing jew­elry. So even­tu­ally, yes. But as an ac­tor, hav­ing a tat­too sucks be­cause you al­ways have to cover it.”

An­nika Noelle (Hope, B&B)

“I wouldn’t, be­cause I’m a com­mit­ment-phobe! I have hu­mored the idea, but then I get scared and think, ‘But it’s per­ma­nent!’ I’m too much of a wimp. I guess if I were to get one, it would be an ea­gle feather be­hind my ear or some­where you can hide it. I know the show is very grate­ful that as an ac­tress, I don’t have any. [ When I joined the cast] the makeup depart­ment was like, ‘Oh, thank God we don’t have to cover any tat­toos up!’”

Ja­son Thomp­son (Billy, Y&R)

“I ac­tu­ally don’t know what I would get next, but I do have about five tat­toos. I was out with a bunch of friends, the fash­ion de­signer Marc Ja­cobs was one of them, and I was ask­ing about his tat­toos. He said there are two types of peo­ple in the world — the ones who think about their tat­toos for a re­ally long time, and the ones who wake up that morn­ing and de­cide to get a tat­too. I’m more on the side of the thinkers. I’m still think­ing about my next tat­too!”

Karla Mosley (Maya, B&B)

“Prob­a­bly some­thing hav­ing to do with my fam­ily, like all of our ini­tials, just be­cause we have such a strong tribe.”

Cait Fair­banks (Tess, Y&R)

“I have two right now. I have a heart from a Rupi Kaur poem. It’s an anatom­i­cal heart with flow­ers on it, and the poem ba­si­cally talks about how the hu­man heart can break and re­build it­self. It’s so beau­ti­ful. I also have a red rose in red ink. This is go­ing to sound silly, but I had a psy­chic tell me once that roses would al­ways be my power sym­bol. I’m like, ‘You know what? I could use more power!’”

Darin Brooks ( Wy­att, B&B)

“I’ve been mean­ing to get the Hawai­ian Is­lands tat­tooed some­where. Nor­mally, [peo­ple from Hawaii] get them on the back of their calf. A buddy of mine has it across his back, but there’s no way I could do that in my pro­fes­sion. It has to be some­where I can kind of hide it. So prob­a­bly on the back of my leg.”

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