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Af­ter Traci re­con­structed the doc­u­ments that re­vealed Ash­ley owned her Jabot cre­ations, the chemist de­cided to move to Paris — to start a new line called My Beauty with her pa­tents! Not sur­pris­ingly, Jack and Kyle were out­raged, but Abby sup­ported her mom’s de­ci­sion. Still, she de­clined Ash­ley’s in­vi­ta­tion to move with her. Be­fore she flew away, Jack chased af­ter his sis­ter, of­fer­ing a sin­cere apol­ogy for what he’d done. Ash­ley ac­cepted but re­fused to give up her plans — or her pa­tents! At Jabot, Billy and Jack vied for the CEO po­si­tion. They were shocked when Phyl­lis threw her hat in the ring as well, but they were even more stunned when — af­ter she re­cruited chemist Kerry John­son — she got the job! Phyl­lis’ first or­der of busi­ness was hir­ing Lau­ren as her COO, even as Billy and Kyle formed an al­liance to top­ple her! Ini­tially, Kyle re­jected Phyl­lis’ or­ders, but he soon be­came craftier to un­der­mine his new boss and tried to win Kerry over to his side. She, in turn, ac­cused Jack of us­ing his son to sab­o­tage Jabot but apol­o­gized when she re­al­ized he was clue­less. Their meet­ing re­vealed one thing, though — an at­trac­tion to each other!


Be­liev­ing Kyle was still stuck on Summer, Lola froze him out. Yet when she over­heard him telling Summer that he wasn’t go­ing to let her come be­tween him and Lola, the dark-haired beauty gave him an­other chance! In turn, Kyle of­fered to fi­nance a restau­rant for her, but Lola de­clined — she wanted to build her busi­ness by her­self! Mean­while, Mariah and Tessa got match­ing tat­toos to sym­bol­ize their com­mit­ment, and the red­head even laid the L word on her girl­friend! Across town, Nick used the kids to get closer to Sharon. Rec­og­niz­ing what he was do­ing, Sharon told him to back off! Later, Phyl­lis and Nick com­forted each other… in bed! Not sur­pris­ingly, Jack, Billy and Sharon were up­set when they heard about the tryst. Sharon dealt with her feel­ings by lean­ing on Billy… de­spite her yen for Rey!


Af­ter a water break in Chan­cel­lor Park, Nikki, Phyl­lis, Sharon and Vic­to­ria dug up J.T.’S grave to move the body — al­though the sit­u­a­tion be­came more com­pli­cated when Jill ar­rived to check on her statue. Mean­while, Rey be­came even more sus­pi­cious over the four­some, ques­tion­ing their “char­ity” meet­ings. Later, Ar­turo un­earthed J.T.’S watch in the park, prompt­ing Rey to call in Mac for ques­tion­ing. Next, the de­tec­tive held a press con­fer­ence an­nounc­ing that the in­ves­ti­ga­tion into J.T.’S dis­ap­pear­ance was now a mur­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion! Across town, Devon en­listed Sharon’s help to get an early re­lease for Lily. When that ef­fort proved un­suc­cess­ful, he fo­cused on as­sist­ing Cane and the twins. For his part, Cane de­cided to move the fam­ily closer to the pri­son. Upon see­ing how up­set Mat­tie and Char­lie were about be­ing up­rooted, Devon in­ter­vened, con­vinc­ing Cane to aban­don his plan to re­lo­cate the kids.

Carly had it out with Fern­cliff’s fired Mary Pat and so did Kevin-im­per­son­ator Ryan — who switched his ob­ses­sion from Feli­cia to Ava and fi­nally told Laura he was over her! Af­ter Cameron found a Fern­cliff pa­tient ID on the pier, Mary Pat’s de­cap­i­tated head sur­faced while Carly was bob­bing for ap­ples. Nina found Ava stand­ing over what was left of the body at her art gallery… and it had blonde hair clutched in its hand! With Carly tor­tured by thoughts of her Fern­cliff neigh­bor, Ja­son, Sam and Cur­tis wormed their way into the asy­lum and were shocked by who they found in Ryan’s old room. Anna of­fered Britt her free­dom in ex­change for lur­ing out Obrecht — which was per­fect tim­ing for Brad, who got baby-swap ad­vice from his bestie. Spencer also caught up with Britt as he was run­ning out of town… be­cause he’d hacked the elec­tion! With Ned forced to sus­pend the vote, Laura was given a real op­por­tu­nity to cam­paign. Be­fore hit­ting Margaux with the re­veal that Scully had killed her fa­ther to prove his love for her mother, Sonny gave the D.A. one last chance to back off. Valentin was up­set Sasha was still in town, see­ing as how she wasn’t ac­tu­ally Nina’s daugh­ter! While Sasha put the moves on Grif­fin, Nina “ac­ci­den­tally” kissed Valentin, and Maxie cel­e­brated her birth­day with Peter. Af­ter clash­ing with Chase, Wil­low went to the grief sup­port group that Michael at­tended. Hid­den un­der a ninja cos­tume, Ai­den had a great time. With the cancer trial begin­ning De­cem­ber 1, Kim hoped that Joss­lyn could get through to Os­car.

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