The Calm Be­fore The Storm?

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Ever since THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S St­effy de­clared she didn’t need a man in her life to feel whole or happy, there’s been a lot less angst and an­guish on the St­effy/ Liam/ Hope front. Has this trio fi­nally found a place of last­ing peace?

Scott Clifton (Liam) ad­mits he has wel­comed a break from the on­go­ing drama of the char­ac­ters’ love tri­an­gle. “I think peo­ple were get­ting a lit­tle sick of Liam there for a while,” he notes.

St­effy, mean­while, has stayed the course with her de­ci­sion to swear off men for a while, even de­clin­ing to date a hand­some suitor named Leo last month. Iron­i­cally, see­ing St­effy so freshly in­de­pen­dent and con­fi­dent hasn’t left Liam with any sense of re­morse over his de­ci­sion to stay with Hope. Though Liam has gar­nered a rep­u­ta­tion for be­ing the guy who al­ways wants the woman he’s not with, this time around, he’s not ( yet) feel­ing wist­ful for what he and St­effy once had. “It’s very rare that you have a fe­male soap char­ac­ter just say, ‘ I don’t need a man; I choose me,’” says Clifton. “Liam rec­og­nizes how strong and ad­mirable and con­ducive to hap­pi­ness that is for St­effy.”

And so, while Hope and St­effy seem to have set­tled into a rare truce with one an­other, fans, too, have got­ten a lit­tle breath­ing room from this on­go­ing saga. At least for now. Be­cause when it comes to Liam, his de­ci­sions have a ten­dency to change with the wind. “This is true,” says Clifton with a laugh. “This is al­ways true.”

Hope tried not to no­tice that Liam was star­ing at a pic­ture of St­effy.

“Why would I need a man?” St­effy won­dered. “I al­ready have one baby!”

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