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THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL’S Thorsten Kaye kept Ridge on edge as the truth closed in around him!

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Con­fi­dence — or, as some call it, ar­ro­gance — may be Ridge’s hall­mark on THE BOLD & THE BEAU­TI­FUL. But that ve­neer be­gan to dis­solve when he re­al­ized that his dirty deal­ings with Judge Mcmullen weren’t as safe­guarded as he had orig­i­nally thought. Cou­pled with clear ten­sion in his mar­riage, Ridge found it dif­fi­cult to main­tain his cock­i­ness and com­po­sure. For de­liv­er­ing that dose of vexed vul­ner­a­bil­ity, Thorsten Kaye earns our Gold Star for the week!

Brooke Rat­tles Ridge!

Happy wife, happy life? That adage wasn’t pan­ning out for Ridge once he re­al­ized that Brooke still felt ticked about the trick­ery that had been played on her pre­vi­ous hus­band, Bill, dur­ing the cus­tody pro­ceed­ings. Rather than do ev-

ery­thing in his power to mol­lify the blonde, Ridge in­stead got de­fen­sive about the fact that her heart seemed to still bleed for her for­mer mate. “Oh, goody, once again, Bill Spencer,” he face­tiously groused when Brooke ad­mit­ted that she was still bent out of shape about his med­dling in Katie’s cus­tody bat­tle.

Though Ridge seemed to hope that his mis­sus would even­tu­ally get over it and drop the sub­ject, what she said to him next made him worry that it might not be sim­ple as get­ting her to change top­ics. “Bill’s onto you,” she re­vealed. And with those three lit­tle, loaded words, the look on Ridge’s face switched in a nanosec­ond from ir­ri­ta­tion to angst. This wasn’t what he’d bar­gained for at all!

Worry Creeps In

The de­signer out­wardly dis­missed Brooke’s con­cerns. “He’s bluf fing,” Ridge main­tained. “He has no proof. If he had proof, he’d come after me … that’s what he does.”

Pulling Brooke into an em­brace, Ridge re­as­sured her that ev­ery­thing was go­ing to be okay. But over her shoul­der, his gaze har­bored deep con­ster­na­tion. The dress­maker was wor­ried!

Later, Ridge prac­ti­cally paced with anx­i­ety back­stage at the In­ti­mates fash­ion show, even go­ing so far as to imag­ine Bill show­ing up on the spot with a po­lice deputy — and wield­ing hand­cuffs! He shook off the daydream but was clearly un­nerved, pen­sive, fid­gety. “I’m fine,” he told a con­cerned St­effy. “I just have a lot of things on my mind.”

Yes, in­clud­ing what it might be like to trade the life of a Bev­erly Hills fash­ion im­pre­sario for the life of a con­vict in the big house!

Kaye showed us a new side of Ridge: wor­ried.

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