The Young & The Rest­less

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Jack’s Life Was Turned Com­pletely Up­side-down!

Jack and Ash­ley en­gaged in their very own GAME OF THRONES, with her oust­ing her sib­ling at Jabot with the help of Kyle’s proxy vote! Yet be­fore she could sit in the CEO chair, Jack re­vealed that he’d in­serted a blood-ab­bott clause into the com­pany’s by­laws which dis­qual­i­fied her for the top slot! De­spite their an­i­mos­ity, Jack and Ash­ley united to fight Gra­ham for cus­tody of Dina, who’d slipped fur­ther into the fog of Alzheimer’s. Gra­ham’s at­tempt to kill Dina (and frame Ash­ley) went awry when in­stead, he wound up dead! For a nanosec­ond, Ash­ley was charged with his mur­der be­fore be­ing ex­on­er­ated. After Vic­tor hired Ash­ley at New­man, Jack and Vic­to­ria worked to­gether to frame Ash for cor­po­rate es­pi­onage. It worked, with Vic­tor fir­ing his ex. Ash­ley threat­ened to sue, and The Mus­tache re­al­ized that he’d been duped. In re­sponse, Vic­tor re­hired Ash­ley and de­moted his own daugh­ter! Kyle aligned him­self with Vic­tor. As if that wasn’t shock­ing enough, Jack then found out he wasn’t ac­tu­ally John Ab­bott’s son! The rev­e­la­tion launched Jack on a quest to find his bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther, with po­ten­tial pops in­clud­ing Phillip Chan­cel­lor and Al­bert Miller — Vic­tor’s dad! Even­tu­ally, Ash­ley ad­mit­ted the whole pa­ter­nity scan­dal was a ruse she’d cooked up to pun­ish Jack for the crappy way he’d treated her. On the outs from her clan, Ash­ley left town. But she wasn’t empty-handed — she took all the patents she’d de­vel­oped at Jabot, leav­ing the com­pany in a shaky po­si­tion!

Nikki Killed J.T.!

Chris­tine and Paul brought J.T. to town to in­ves­ti­gate Vic­tor’s cor­po­rate shenani­gans. When J.T. told son Reed that he and Mac were di­vorc­ing, the young man promptly got a DUI. J.T. stayed in Genoa City to deal with his son, even­tu­ally re­unit­ing with Vic­to­ria. Alas, J.T. be­gan abus­ing his ex-wife, both emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally! J.T. snuck onto the ranch to try and find in­crim­i­nat­ing ev­i­dence against Vic­tor. When The Mus­tache caught him snoop­ing, J.T. pushed his for­mer fa­ther-in-law down the stairs! Vic­tor lapsed into a coma, but, fear­ing his re­cov­ery, J.T. tried to kill the bil­lion­aire again. In­stead of dy­ing, Vic­tor woke up! J.T. whisked away Vic­to­ria and the kids to Hawaii, hop­ing to start a new life. When she re­al­ized he had no plans to re­turn to Genoa City, Vic­to­ria packed up the kids and went home… where she learned her dad had pointed the fin­ger at J.T. as his would-be killer! J.T. skipped town but later reap­peared to at­tack Vic­to­ria dur­ing a girls’-night party! Find­ing her daugh­ter be­ing abused by J.T. prompted Nikki to pick up a fire­place poker and bash him over the head! Fear­ing they’d be ar­rested for his mur­der, Nikki, Vic­to­ria, Sharon and Phyl­lis buried J.T. in Chan­cel­lor Park and made a pact never to tell! Upset over his MIA dad, Reed left for board­ing school. The bick­er­ing ladies tried to put J.T. be­hind them but feared Genoa City’s new­est de­tec­tive, Rey, would learn the truth. Rey had his eye on Sharon — both as a sus­pect in J.T.’S dis­ap­pear­ance and as a flirt­mate!

Nick Turned Ruth­less!

Nick and Chelsea’s re­la­tion­ship hit a huge bump when he found a pile of cash hid­den in the pent­house’s vents. He as­sumed Adam had stashed the loot, un­aware that Chelsea had re­turned to her con-artist ways and was rip­ping off Fen­more cus­tomers! Phyl­lis sus­pected the fash­ion­ista, prompt­ing Chelsea to warn her to back off or else she’d tell Nick that Chris­tian was re­ally Adam’s son! Feel­ing cornered, Chelsea grabbed her son and high­tailed it out of town! Even­tu­ally, Sharon told Nick the truth about Chris­tian. Al­though upset, Nick vowed to raise the boy as his own. Mean­while, Sharon’s re­la­tion­ship with Scott even­tu­ally im­ploded after he slept with Abby when she re­al­ized her boyfriend, Zack, was evil and… well, a sex traf­ficker! Scott left town after Sharon kicked him out and Abby re­buffed him! Sharon in­vited Nick and Chris­tian to move into the tack house. Their re­la­tion­ship was pla­tonic, then mor­phed into a friends-with-ben­e­fits sit­u­a­tion be­fore be­com­ing a full-blown love af­fair. Vic­tor tried bend­ing Nick to his will and, when that failed, threat­ened to take cus­tody of Chris­tian! Al­though Nick won cus­tody, the sit­u­a­tion left him so en­raged at his dad that he se­cretly re­leased dam­ag­ing info against him and New­man En­ter­prises, and ter­ror­ized the town while pos­ing as the miss­ing J.T.! After peel­ing back the J.T. mask — lit­er­ally — Nick re­vealed that he was the owner of Dark Horse! On a more pos­i­tive note, Nick popped the ques­tion to Sharon. On a less pos­i­tive note, their wed­ding was de­railed when Sharon learned about Nick’s one-nighter with Phyl­lis!

Billy Got Burned!

Jill briefly con­sid­ered sell­ing Chan­cel­lor but then put Billy and Cane in charge. When Jack was ousted from Jabot as a non-ab­bott, Billy left Chan­cel­lor for Jabot, promis­ing to over­turn the blood-ab­bott clause. Un­for­tu­nately for Jack and Ash­ley, be­ing the boss went to Billy’s head, and he de­cided to stick around! Mean­while, Sum­mer re­turned as a sex­u­ally ag­gres­sive free-spirit who ze­roed in on her mom’s beau, Billy! Hop­ing to top­ple his un­cle from his pow­er­ful perch — and take down Billy a notch in ex-girl­friend Sum­mer’s eyes — Kyle lured Billy back into gam­bling, which meant em­bez­zling from Jabot when he hit a los­ing streak! An­noyed that Phyl­lis wasn’t more sup­port­ive of his gam­bling, Billy broke off their re­la­tion­ship. Upset, Phyl­lis had a one-nighter with Nick but the next day rec­on­ciled with Billy. Sum­mer upped her pur­suit of Billy, which fur­ther ticked off her mom! At Jabot, Ash­ley

fi­nally man­aged to oust Billy be­cause of his em­bez­zle­ment! Billy’s down­ward spi­ral con­tin­ued when he learned that Phyl­lis had slept with Nick. In re­tal­i­a­tion, Billy slept with Sum­mer… and then took him­self off to re­hab! Upon re­turn­ing, the hunk shot down Sum­mer’s dream of a “hap­pily ever after” and struck back at Phyl­lis by let­ting her know about his onenight stand with her daugh­ter! Phyl­lis got the last laugh, how­ever, when she man­aged to be­come the new CEO of Jabot!

Hi­lary Died In Devon’s Arms!

Cane and Lily started the year es­tranged be­cause of the Aussie’s one-nighter with the late Juliet. But by Valen­tine’s Day, they had rec­on­ciled. Still, Lily had trou­ble bond­ing with Cane’s love child, Sam. Oddly, Hi­lary bonded with the babe, which started her own bi­o­log­i­cal clock tick­ing! The beauty sold GC BUZZ back to Devon to pay for her in-vitro fer­til­iza­tion treat­ments but even­tu­ally asked Devon for his sperm! He agreed but only if he could co- par­ent with his ex. Alas, their re­la­tion­ship im­ploded when Devon dis­cov­ered Hi­lary had kept se­cret Juliet’s con­fes­sion that Cane hadn’t ac­tu­ally sex­u­ally ha­rassed her! A re­pen­tant Hi­lary apol­o­gized and even­tu­ally im­pressed Devon when she men­tored trou­bled teen Shauna. In fact, he was so im­pressed that he again agreed to have a child with Hi­lary. Not sur­pris­ingly, Lily was fu­ri­ous about the pos­si­bil­ity and sab­o­taged Hi­lary’s ev­ery ef­fort to get preg­nant. But her scheme back­fired when Devon ended up im­preg­nat­ing Hi­lary the old-fash­ioned way! Devon in­vited her to live with him — but as co-par­ents, not lovers! Mean­while, Hi­lary and Lily clashed over Shauna’s re­la­tion­ship with Char­lie, with Lily blow­ing a gas­ket when she caught the teens in Char­lie’s bed­room. Hi­lary in­vited Shauna to live with her and Devon… which ini­tially caused fric­tion but didn’t stop Hi­lary and Devon from declar­ing their love for each other. Tragedy struck when Lily ran a red light while ar­gu­ing with Hi­lary, and a truck plowed into them. Nate told Devon that Hi­lary’s in­juries would prove fa­tal, prompt­ing him to marry his true love in a tear­ful cer­e­mony that ended with her dy­ing in his arms! Devon’s grief turned to rage when Shauna re­vealed that Lily had caused the ac­ci­dent by run­ning a red light. A guilt-rid­den Lily turned her­self in, and, thanks to Devon’s last-minute plea for le­niency, was sent to prison only for a year!

In Other News…

Ac­knowl­edg­ing her bi­sex­u­al­ity, Mariah grew closer to Tessa. Upset over los­ing his girl­friend to his sis­ter, Noah lashed out be­fore mov­ing to Mum­bai! Alas, the re­la­tion­ship be­tween the ladies hit a ma­jor road­block when Mariah busted Tessa for steal­ing her di­ary to write a song! With Kyle’s help, Mariah and Tessa even­tu­ally rec­on­ciled. Later, Tessa left town to smug­gle her sis­ter, Crys­tal, into Canada. Mariah was thrilled when her girl­friend re­turned, but sus­pi­cions arose when Tessa be­gan hit­ting up ev­ery­one for money, claim­ing she needed to pay off the smug­glers! Need­ing quick cash, Tessa black­mailed Vic­to­ria, Nikki, Sharon and Phyl­lis… which even­tu­ally blew up her re­la­tion­ship with Mariah! Tessa wasn’t the only black­mailer in town — Vic­tor co­erced Nikki into stay­ing mar­ried after learn­ing she’d stolen money from him to buy Chan­cel­lor Park. The cou­ple opted for an open mar­riage, with Nikki tak­ing up with hunky Ar­turo. Even­tu­ally Nikki and Vic­tor re­turned to a tra­di­tional mar­riage, but she got jeal­ous when her young lover moved on with Abby! De­spite that, Abby and Ar­turo’s re­la­tion­ship deep­ened, with her new beau in­tro­duc­ing her to his volatile fam­ily, in­clud­ing big brother Rey and lit­tle sis­ter, Lola — who caught the eye of Kyle! (sec­tion con­tin­ues)

For peo­ple in the beauty biz, things got real ugly be­tween Jack and Ash­ley!

Nikki added an­other body to her rather im­pres­sive kill list!

In her head, Sum­mer made a note to have the couch steam-cleaned.

Is this J.T. do­ing a crowd­pleas­ing boy-band move? No, it’s Nick’s big re­veal!

“Oh, this isn’t over, Lily. I fully plan to haunt your butt.”

“Wait, I’m sup­posed to charge peo­ple for cof­fee? This changes ev­ery­thing.”

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