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Poor Lu­cas! Ev­ery time it looks as if the guy is go­ing to fi­nally find love, fate kicks him in the… let’s go with hear t . This year, Lu­cas seemed to fi­nally have found hap­pi­ness with Chloe, who then went and got her­self kid­napped. Even after she was res­cued, Lu­cas had to deal with the child he’d ac­ci­den­tally con­ceived with Bon­nie (long story). But even the joy of be­ing a dad again was taken from him when it turned out Baby Bon­bon was ac­tu­ally the child Mimi’d had fol­low­ing a one-nighter with Rex be­hind the back of his would-be bride, Sarah! Lu­cas wound up leav­ing be­hind Salem — and Chloe — and we were left hop­ing he has bet­ter ro­man­tic luck else­where!

Is­land cabin. They re­turned to share the news with ev­ery­one gath­ered for the big wed­ding Julie had planned; how­ever, hav­ing over­heard Ciara telling Tripp about Rafe’s in­dis­cre­tion with Sami, a con­cerned Claire blurted it out to her grand­mother. Dev­as­tated by Rafe’s be­trayal, Hope left town and had an­nul­ment pa­pers drawn up, al­though she and her hus­band later rec­on­ciled. Once a few mis­con­cep­tions were cleared up, Eric and Jen­nifer be­gan dat­ing again. She found out from Eve that Nicole had killed Deimos and that Brady had used the info to black­mail her into dump­ing Eric. Al­though en­gaged to Eric, Jen even­tu­ally told him the truth and re­turned his ring. Eric chased after Nicole, only to dis­cover she’d been black­mailed into mar­ry­ing Xan­der! Nicole’s plot to free her­self by mur­der­ing Xan­der back­fired, re­sult­ing in her own tragic death, leav­ing Eric to con­sider rais­ing Holly. Lani de­cided to let JJ think the baby she’d con­ceived with Eli was his. Alas, the big se­cret came out when Lani tes­ti­fied dur­ing Gabi’s mur­der trial. Va­lerie took a job out of town, but she and Abe — who was set­ting off sparks with Sheila — agreed to try and sus­tain a long-dis­tance re­la­tion­ship.

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