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A Shock­ing Se­cret Is Re­vealed!

Phyl­lis and Nick used the Jabou­tique launch party to let ev­ery­one know that they were cou­pling up again. As a coun­ter­mea­sure, Billy brought Sharon as his date. De­spite their pub­lic ap­pear­ance, Sharon re­sisted Billy’s ad­vances, in­sist­ing that she didn’t want to pur­sue re­venge sex. Rather than be upset, Billy thanked her for the re­al­ity check. Later, Sharon found her­self suc­cumb­ing to her de­sire for Rey… but be­fore they made it to bed, they were in­ter­rupted by Rey’s es­tranged wife, Mia, who wanted to rec­on­cile. While Rey agreed to give their mar­riage an­other shot, he balked at jump­ing into bed with the beauty. Mean­while, Mia be­friended Phyl­lis and Abby. How­ever, Abby’s friend­ship with Mia cooled when she learned that Ar­turo and Mia had had an af­fair, which caused Rey’s es­trange­ment with his wife. Ini­tially, Abby backed away from her beau un­til Lola ex­plained that Ar­turo and Mia had been an item, but she had mar­ried Rey when Ar­turo re­fused to com­mit! Abby agreed to give Ar­turo an­other chance — but not Mia! Across town, Nick asked Phyl­lis to move in with him. After hem­ming and haw­ing, a bit, she ac­cepted.


Mariah and Tessa moved in to­gether, but their re­la­tion­ship hit a huge snag when Sharon’s daugh­ter dis­cov­ered her girl­friend had been squir­rel­ing away cash in her fu­ton. Need­less to say, Mariah de­manded an­swers, and when Tessa re­fused to give them, she walked out! Mariah even­tu­ally learned that Tessa had been black­mail­ing the women who buried J.T.’S body, which prompted an alarmed Mariah to con­front Sharon about that night’s events! After or­der­ing Tessa to had over the in­crim­i­nat­ing ev­i­dence she had on the ladies — and

mak­ing her turn the money over to char­ity — Mariah moved back in. But Tessa had ac­tu­ally kept the cash and made an ex­tra copy of the ev­i­dence! When Rey re­vealed that he be­lieved Vic­tor had killed J.T., Nikki de­manded Sharon pump the de­tec­tive for in­for­ma­tion. In­stead, Sharon con­sid­ered quit­ting the GCPD… at least un­til Rey changed her mind.


Jack called out Devon for pre­sent­ing a fake I’m-just-fine face to the world. While Devon in­sisted he re­ally was okay, he later broke down in tears over a pic­ture of Hi­lary. On Thanks­giv­ing Day, Char­lie, Mat­tie and their dad spent time with Lily, al­though Cane wor­ried about Devon when he bailed on their fam­ily time. At Jabot, Phyl­lis shocked Billy when she of­fi­cially gave him credit for the suc­cess of Jabou­tique. After ad­mit­ting to Phyl­lis that he was ro­man­ti­cally in­ter­ested in Kerry, Jack in­vited the new­comer to Thanks­giv­ing Day din­ner. At the Jabou­tique launch party, Lola saved the day by step­ping in when the caterer was a no-show. As Lola was busy work­ing her butt off in the kitchen, Sum­mer put the moves on Kyle, even go­ing so far as to plant a kiss on him, which Lola wit­nessed! Un­der­stand­ably upset, Lola fled the scene, but Kyle tracked her down and in­sisted that he’d re­jected Sum­mer’s ad­vances be­cause she was the only girl for him.

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