After Sonny con­sid­ered what his life might have been like with­out the mob in it, Mar­gaux turned in her own mother, and he tried to con­vince the D.A. to drop her ven­detta and find hap­pi­ness. With Carly’s name cleared of Mary Pat’s mur­der, Kevin-im­poster Ryan was thrilled to serve as an ex­pert on the of­fi­cial in­ves­ti­ga­tion. Kiki, mean­while, flared at find­ing Grif­fin and Sasha in bed to­gether, but it didn’t take long for her to re­al­ize that Ava had drugged them and set the whole thing up. After Ryan broke up a fight be­tween her and Nina, Ava re­sponded to his ad­vances… just as Laura ar­rived! With Os­car’s trial near­ing, Mon­ica gave him some straight talk, while Kim de­cided to take a some­what more dras­tic ap­proach by ask­ing Ju­lian to help her kid­nap her son and force treat­ment on him. Joss­lyn, mean­while, re­al­ized Cameron might ac­tu­ally be boyfriend ma­te­rial… only to have him con­fess ev­ery­thing that had been go­ing on with Os­car. Drew gifted Cur­tis and Jor­dan with a Fiji honey­moon, while Stella was forced to re­con­sider their wed­ding in­vi­ta­tion after re­con­nect­ing with her long-lost love, Mar­cus. Hay­den mes­saged Finn out of the blue, ask­ing him to meet her at the Eif­fel Tower in Paris. And Chase asked out Wil­low — who re­al­ized that Char­lotte was the one bul­ly­ing Ai­den!

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