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Brooke Wants To See Tay­lor Pun­ished!

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The more ar­gu­ments Brooke had with Tay­lor, the more cer­tain the blonde be­came that her long­time ri­val was so un­sta­ble as to still pose a dan­ger to her fam­ily. At a brain­storm­ing session to think of pos­si­ble names for Hope’s baby, Brooke con­fessed to her sis­ters that her beef with Tay­lor went well be­yond their his­tory with Ridge. Ad­mit­ting to Hope she was ter­ri­fied about what Tay­lor might do, Brooke begged Liam to pro­tect his fam­ily from St­effy’s mom. Feel­ing she had no other op­tion, Brooke paid a visit to Bill, wherein she sug­gested he turn Tay­lor into the po­lice. Bill — who had for months been try­ing out a “turn the other cheek” pol­icy for Brooke’s sake — was stunned to hear the blonde say she would pre­fer he show Tay­lor no mercy!


At St­effy’s be­hest, Tay­lor moved in with her and Kelly, which left Hope fum­ing. While ar­gu­ing with St­effy and Liam (who took his ex-wife’s side in the mat­ter), Hope asked her hus­band to de­cide if he wanted a fam­ily with her or with St­effy. Hope also made it clear she would be at­tend­ing no Christ­mas fes­tiv­i­ties at St­effy’s house if some­one as dan­ger­ous as Tay­lor re­mained un­der that roof. Feel­ing torn be­tween the moth­ers of his chil­dren, Liam was un­will­ing to miss out on his daugh­ter’s first Christ­mas. Hope pre­ferred that St­effy and Kelly join her fam­ily for the hol­i­days at Eric’s house — with­out Tay­lor — but St­effy re­fused to turn her back on her mother. Ul­ti­mately, the two women were un­able to reach any com­pro­mise on the mat­ter. St­effy was sad­dened to re­al­ize that be­cause of Hope’s an­i­mos­ity to­ward Tay­lor, it was un­likely that Kelly and her soon-to-ar­rive half sis­ter would have much of a re­la­tion­ship.


Af­ter con­fronting Reese about his past be­hav­ior with women, Zoe ex­plained some of that his­tory to Xan­der and con­fessed she was wor­ried about the con­se­quences of her fa­ther’s re­cent move to town. De­ter­min­ing that Tay­lor was sin­gle, Reese planted an un­ex­pected kiss on her. Tay­lor gushed to St­effy about the new man in her life. When Reese later walked in on a fight be­tween Tay­lor and Brooke, he rushed to the brunette’s de­fense. In fact, he tried forc­ing Brooke to apol­o­gize to Tay­lor, then told his new lady love that he would al­ways be there for her.


Maya re­turned to town and im­me­di­ately be­came sus­pi­cious of Zoe, her re­la­tion­ship with Xan­der, and the young woman’s po­si­tion at For­rester Cre­ations. Later, Maya went to Brooke’s and delivered some dis­con­cert­ing news about Rick. Brooke was shocked by Maya’s re­port, but even­tu­ally pre­sented her daugh­ter- in- law with an of­fer. At the same time, Julius and Vivi­enne vowed to sup­por t their daugh­ter dur­ing this dif­fi­cult time.


While prac­tic­ing yoga to­gether, Wy­att sur­prised Sally by declar­ing his love. She hap­pily re­turned the sen­ti­ment. Emma re­ported to Xan­der that he’d been tapped for an in­ter­view by a ma­jor fash­ion mag­a­zine. Zoe ex­pressed her grat­i­tude to Xan­der for his sup­port, es­pe­cially now that her dad was in town. Xan­der promised he would al­ways have her back.

Christ­mas brings friends, loved ones and ri­vals to­gether!

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