Gold Star: Bry­ton James (Devon)

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Bry­ton James hits all the right notes as Devon’s mourn­ing sends him spi­ral­ing down­ward

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Grief can take on many forms. For THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Devon, it has meant throw­ing him­self into a mind­numb­ing slew of par­ties. Of course, we knew that could never be sus­tained. Still, we were not pre­pared for how emo­tional the bil­lion­aire’s jour­ney would be when he was fi­nally forced to face the loss of Hi­lary and their un­born child. Bry­ton James skill­fully plucked at our heart­strings as his al­ter ego cy­cled through anger, re­sis­tance, panic and de­spair… earn­ing this week’s Gold Star!

The Party’s Over

Devon’s hard par­ty­ing caught up with him in an un­ex­pected way when Shauna de­cided to re­turn to her par­ents’ home rather than stay in the pent­house, where she’d re­cently dis­cov­ered drugs. In­stead of ac­knowl­edg­ing his part in her de­par­ture, Devon turned his ire on Cane. “I have been re­spon­si­ble enough to take care of her this whole time, and

I have been able to keep my prom­ise to Hi­lary up un­til to­day, thanks to you!”

When Cane urged his brother-in-law to stop liv­ing his life for his late wife, a bit­ter fury flashed in Devon’s eyes. “So Lily took her away from me, and now you’re try­ing to erase her from my mem­ory.”

Yet soon enough, Devon was the one try­ing to erase his own mem­ory by at­tend­ing an­other drunken all- nighter. When he fi­nally stum­bled home, clearly hung- over, his sis­ter, Ana, had had enough and sat him down for a heart-to­heart that fi­nally had Devon open­ing up. “It’s been months, and I haven’t fully ab­sorbed or ac­cepted the fact that Hi­lary is gone,” he ad­mit­ted, tears glit­ter­ing in his eyes. “Ev­ery time I turn on GC BUZZ… or ev­ery time I roll over in bed and she’s not there, it’s lit­er­ally like she’s dy­ing over and over again.

“I don’t know how I’m go­ing to cope,” he added, “be­cause it feels like I’m los­ing her over and over again.”

Grief Coun­sel­ing

Ana con­vinced Devon to see a ther­a­pist, who pre­scribed anx­i­ety med­i­ca­tion. The wid­ower may have talked to the shrink and ac­cepted the pills, but he still pushed his emo­tions down… un­til they blew up later in a full- on panic at­tack that left him gasp­ing, “My heart is rac­ing. I can’t breathe.”

It was a tip­ping point for Devon to come clean about his feel­ings. “When you go through some­thing like I did with Hi­lary… you have all these peo­ple around you… to lift you up. But when it’s over, they go back to their lives, and you’re left alone,” he shared qui­etly. “I thought I could han­dle it… but then the walls started clos­ing in on me, and I couldn’t breathe. I just wanted it all to go away.”

Devon’s ter­ri­ble pain put us in a dilemma. We wanted to reach for our han­kies, but we needed our hands free to ap­plaud James’ pitch-per­fect per­for­mance!

As Devon acted out, James acted the hell out of the ma­te­rial.

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