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Tessa was shocked when she re­al­ized that Sharon, Vic­to­ria and Nikki had kid­napped her. Af­ter Tessa con­vinced the women that she was not a threat to them, they dumped her in the woods! Mariah res­cued her girl­friend and was shocked to learn that Sharon was one of her abductors. The fi­asco pushed Mariah into rec­on­cil­ing with her girl­friend — and be­com­ing es­tranged from her mom when Sharon vowed to get Tessa out of her daugh­ter’s life. To that end, Sharon sab­o­taged Tessa’s job prospects at the GCAC! Nikki re­turned home feel­ing more se­cure — un­til she dis­cov­ered J.T.’S bloody clothes laid out on her bed! Freaked, the ma­tri­arch raced over to Vic­to­ria’s house, but Reed’s un­ex­pected ar­rival forced her to keep quiet. Nikki’s equi­lib­rium was fur­ther shat­tered when she took a sip of wine, and re­al­ized she was on the verge of fall­ing off the wagon! Even though she at­tended an AA meet­ing, Nikki kept drink­ing. Driv­ing to a party, Reed and Char­lie hit some­thing — only re­al­iz­ing later that they’d struck an ine­bri­ated Nikki!


Phyl­lis burst into the ho­tel suite where Re­bekah was try­ing to se­duce Nick, an­nounc­ing that they were a cou­ple! Al­though em­bar­rassed, Re­bekah still agreed to part­ner up in busi­ness. After­ward, Phyl­lis lied to Nick in or­der to meet Billy, who was feel­ing op­ti­mistic about a pos­si­ble rec­on­cil­i­a­tion. Alas, Phyl­lis told her for­mer beau that she was stay­ing with Nick. Upon re­turn­ing home, she had to con­vince her­self that she’d made the right choice! Billy helped Vic­to­ria deal with Reed, who had a lot of anger is­sues over his fa­ther’s pos­si­ble mur­der. The teen blasted his mom for keep­ing him in the dark re­gard­ing the fact that Vic­tor was a sus­pect. Vic­to­ria agreed to be Billy’s date to the Ja-

(Lola’s food is re­ally tasty, but… .) ABBY: Se­ri­ously, Lola, these are bet­ter than sex. MIA: Then you are do­ing it wrong.

bot hol­i­day party, where their grow­ing close­ness an­noyed Phyl­lis.


Abby con­vinced Devon to team up with her in open­ing a bar and restau­rant. When he re­fused to let Lola be the chef, Abby in­vited the bil­lion­aire to a pri­vate din­ner se­cretly catered by the food truck op­er­a­tor — which im­pressed Devon enough to hire her! Abby used the op­por­tu­nity to lav­ish praise on Lola, know­ing it would make Mia feel small. Un­for­tu­nately, the ploy had Ar­turo crit­i­ciz­ing Abby for hurt­ing his sis­ter-in-law! Mean­while, an over whelmed Mia turned to Rey, who re­sponded with a kiss… that led them to the bed­room! When Mia told Rey that Nikki had be­friended her, he re­al­ized the wealthy woman was try­ing to use his wife to get to him! Up­set, Rey yanked Nikki in for ques­tion­ing, freak­ing her out in the process! Kerry and Jack shared a kiss be­neath the mistle­toe, but when he tried to sur­prise her with a trip to Bora Bora, the beauty fled. Kyle tried to wow Lola with a ro­man­tic date, but the ex­hausted beauty fell asleep, miss­ing it. Fen’s at­tempt to im­press Devon nearly got him fired from his waiter job, but Ana stood up for him. She later helped Fen cut a demo that im­pressed her brother.

A cou­ple is about to hit a rough patch!

What will the new year bring?

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