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DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Ciara may still re­side in her home­town, but she’s not all that dif­fer­ent from her por­trayer, Vic­to­ria Kone­fal, who switched coasts in or­der to fol­low her dreams. Both young women are ad­ven­tur­ous and in­de­pen­dent but also re­ally close with their fam­i­lies. What else might they have in com­mon? We asked Kone­fal to pon­der the mat­ter.

What is the odd­est thing that’s in your closet? “This witchy tu­nic that my mom pos­sessed in the ’70s. It’s ripped and looks like some­thing that Sab­rina The Teenage Witch would wear, but I love it.”

What’s the odd­est thing that’s in Ciara’s closet? “Ciara’s style is pretty re­served, so it would prob­a­bly be the jeans that ripped the night that she crashed her mo­tor­cy­cle and wound up in the cabin. She kept those.”

Where are you the happiest? “When I’m in na­ture with my fam­ily.”

Where is Ciara the happiest? “Ciara is happiest when she’s with her friends and fam­ily, who­ever that may be.”

What ex­pe­ri­ence do you think most in­flu­enced your life? “Prob­a­bly my move to Los An­ge­les. I was 18, I’d had my li­cense for six months, and I drove across the coun­try to pur­sue my dreams. That was a game-changer, for sure.”

What ex­pe­ri­ence most in­flu­enced Ciara’s life? “The death of her fa­ther. That re­ally changed ev­ery­thing for her.”

What is your fa­vorite guilty plea­sure? “Cho­co­late! All the cho­co­late. I love cho­co­late!”

What is Ciara’s fa­vorite guilty plea­sure? “Her mom’s donuts. She’s talked about it be­fore, and ap­par­ently, the fam­ily recipe is to die for. For some rea­son, we’ve never eaten them on set. I’ll have to bring that up, be­cause c’mon, we talk about th­ese mag­i­cal donuts, and no one ever gets one? It’s not fair.”

What is your most en­dear­ing trait? “This is a dou­ble an­swer for me and Ciara. We’re both in­cred­i­bly self­less. I jump at the op­por­tu­nity to help any­one in any mat­ter. [Re­cently] some­one’s washer broke, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll do your laun­dry. Just put it in my car, and I’ll take it home and do it for you.”

What is your worst vice or habit? “I have a habit of al­ways bit­ing my nails or pens, scripts… I re­ally can’t stop.”

What is Ciara’s worst vice or habit? “Her tem­per. That goes for me, too, ac­tu­ally. I have a bit of a tem­per, if I’m pushed. But with Ciara, it doesn’t take much of a push for her tem­per to come out. You just need to rat­tle her a bit, and she fires it out at you.”

Who is your best friend? “My ul­ti­mate best friend is my mom, but my best friends in New York City are Reuben and Me­lanie. They are so cool, and I ap­pre­ci­ate them so much be­cause they un­der­stand that I don’t nec­es­sar­ily have time to speak to them of­ten, but when we do talk, it’s like we never stopped.”

Who is Ciara’s best friend? “Ciara’s best friend is Theo.”

What is your big­gest re­gret? “I don’t re­gret any­thing, be­cause ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened to me hap­pened for a rea­son, taught me some­thing and shaped me into who I am to­day.”

What is Ciara’s big­gest re­gret? “She re­grets tak­ing that turn on the high­way when she was on her mo­tor­cy­cle that caused her to crash. Yeah, that was a boo-boo!”

Who or what makes you laugh? “The TV show FRIENDS. I’ve seen ev­ery episode at least 100 times. I could be hav­ing the worst day in the world, and the sec­ond I see Lisa Kudrow’s face, my day is made. And I loved that Joey Trib­iani was on DAYS and that he kissed Hope!”

What makes Ciara laugh? “Play­ing videogames with Tripp makes Ciara laugh be­cause she’s so much bet­ter than he is.”

What have you done that your char­ac­ter would never do? “I feel like Ciara would be game for any­thing. She’s a rebel, and she doesn’t re­ally like to limit her­self in her life ex­pe­ri­ence.”

What has Ciara done that you would never do? “I haven’t rid­den a mo­tor­cy­cle — not in my life!”

Kone­fal and Ciara’s most en­dear­ing trait is the same.

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