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DRAFT DODGER. Last year, I bought two Bat­tic Door Fire­place Plugs. They look a lot like little life rafts. You in­sert them up against the flue (when the fire­place is not in use) and in­flate them to keep warm air from es­cap­ing through your leaky chim­ney damper, seal­ing out the draft. The dif­fer­ence in our heat­ing bill the month af­ter in­stalling them was as­tound­ing. Flues rarely fit snugly, and so much heat is lost up the chim­ney. I have no af­fil­i­a­tion with the com­pany, but I cer­tainly have not been shy about rec­om­mend­ing them to my friends. — Chris

AU­TO­MATIC SOCK MATCHER. You need: a box of safety pins and a con­tainer to keep them where you take your socks off. Re­move socks, and join them to­gether with safety pin. Socks will re­main to­gether in washer and dryer. Re­move them from dryer and they will be al­ready matched and ready to go into the sock drawer. They don’t get lost or at­tached to other items. Think of all the time you’ve wasted match­ing socks! — Jeanne

CAR­PET RE­PAIR. I have re­paired small dam­aged places in my car­pet us­ing a this tech­nique: I cut out the dam­aged area of car­pet, in­clud­ing the back­ing. Then I cut a piece of match­ing car­pet the same size, in­clud­ing the back­ing, and glue that in place. I can’t tell where the re­pair was made. For­tu­nately, this was car­pet we had in­stalled, so we had a scrap piece to get the re­pair plug from. — Au­drey

DIS­AP­PEAR­ING ACT. I use brown KIWI Shoe Pol­ish Paste in the tin can to hide scratches on wood fur­ni­ture. Just ap­ply with a soft close, rub­bing against and then with the grain. Al­low it to dry, and buff. It works re­ally well! — Cathy

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