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The identity of the celebrity is found within the answers in the puzzle. In order to take the TV Challenge, un-scramble the letters noted with asterisks in the puzzle.


“The __ Wife” Actress Drescher “Mr. __”; Ted Danson series 10.“Law & __” 12.Web page address 13.Prestigiou­s college 16.“No Time to __”; 2021 James Bond movie

17.__ Coleman; role on

“La Brea” 18.Actor Patrick 20.Setting for “Designing Women”: abbr. 21.Mary-Kate, to Ashley

23.The Cowardly Lion’s

portrayer 25.Big bill 26.“Hot __ Time Machine”; John Cusack film 27.British bathroom 28.Spanish gold 1. 5. 9. 29.“The __ Wilson

Show” (1970-74) 30.__ a soul; nobody 32.Kelly Ripa’s age 33.Loretta & Robert 38.Entertaine­r Don 39.Word attached to

wax or wig 41.__ Turner 42.Debtor’s note 43.Pat Sajak or Drew

Carey 45.Beard remover 47.Crooned 48.Rex or Donna


1. 2. 3.

Role on “Kenan” (2) Skinny Olive “Toodle-__”; casual farewell

4. Ms. Barrymore 5. “Happy Days” role 6. B&O or Union Pacific

Tally up

“The __”; series for Cedric 7. 8. 9.

Comic strip “__ and Jeff”

11.“__ Window”; James Stewart movie 14.“Bye!”

15.“__ vey!” 18.Charlie Brown’s dog 19.Singer/pianist John

& others 22.“__ Arabian Nights”;

Mr. Magoo film 24.Invisible emanation 29.Escape 31.“How I Met __

Mother” 34.Fashion designer

Cassini 35.“Rocky” distributi­on

company 36.Nolte’s initials 37.Actress Teri 40.TV brand 42.Suffix for final or

symbol 44.Prefix for snare or

large 46.Initials for Einstein

 ?? ??
 ?? ??

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