Find a jus­tice who’s in the mid­dle

The Charlotte Observer (Sunday) - - Opinion -

In re­sponse to “It’s not the best, but our sys­tem works” (Sept. 27 Fo­rum):

Our sys­tem does not work. Of any body, the US Supreme Court should be the most un­bi­ased body in our govern­ment and rule by what’s right within the Con­sti­tu­tion.

Giv­ing a seat to Judge Brett Ka­vanaugh would only slant the court wholly one way for many years to come. Fair?

How about this: Let’s find a jus­tice who is truly some­where in the mid­dle, some­one with some honor who would rule with­out po­lit­i­cal bias?

– Tom Basch, Char­lotte

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