Does this re­ally de­serve to be on the worst-candy list?

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Is there some­thing wrong with a coun­try that has sud­denly de­cided it hates candy corn?

Candy corn is fes­tive, it’s small, and ev­ery­one knows it tastes bet­ter if you eat it one color at a time.

A web­site called candy­s­ has re­leased the re­sults of a sur­vey (they claim they asked 40,000 peo­ple) nam­ing the 10 worst and 10 best Hal­loween can­dies.

On the list of worst, we have no ar­gu­ment with the No. 1: Cir­cus Peanuts. Cir­cus Peanuts should have been left be­hind with the guys who swept up af­ter the ele­phants in the days when it was still OK to have ele­phants at the cir­cus.

But the No. 2 spot was dis­turb­ing: candy corn.

Look, candy corn is not a trick-or-treater thing. Candy corn is a bowl thing, some­thing you put out in your of­fice all Oc­to­ber be­cause . . . it’s Oc­to­ber. Check that bowl at the end of the day. It will be empty. Why is it empty? Be­cause ev­ery­one grabs a hand­ful when­ever they pass the bowl. That isn’t the sign of a candy ev­ery­one hates.

Have we be­come too bor­ing and pre­dictable in our candy choices? Take a look at the 10 best and try to hold back your yawns:

1. Reese’s Peanut But­ter Cups. (OK, we’ll agree as long as you re­mem­ber to put them in the re­frig­er­a­tor, where they achieve their best tex­ture).

2. Snick­ers. (Dou­ble yawn.)

3. Twix. (Triple yawn. They’re just cookie sticks.)

4. Kit Kat. (Give us a break.)

5. M&Ms. (OK, as long as you make them peanut.)

6. Nerds. (They’re just Smar­ties with­out the wrap­per.)

7. But­terfin­ger. (At No. 7, be­low Snick­ers? Who

these peo­ple?)

8. Sour Patch Kids. (The one candy kids can trust that their par­ents won’t want to eat.)

9. Skit­tles. (Chewy, but that’s about it.)

10. Her­shey bar. (The most bor­ing choco­late bar of all time.)

Now, the worst, from top to bot­tom:

1. Cir­cus Peanuts.

2. Candy corn.

3. Wax bot­tles. (Who still gives these out?)

4. Necco wafers. (Save them for Valen­tine’s, when they’re bet­ter as hearts.)

5. Peanut but­ter kisses. (Too many al­lergy prob­lems.)

6. Toot­sie Rolls (se­ri­ously, Amer­ica hates Toot­sies now?)

7. Smar­ties. (Yes, they’re chalky. But they’re like tiny tart hockey pucks.)

8. Licorice. (Agreed. Amer­ica has the world’s worst licorice.)

9. Good & Plenty. (Candy-cov­ered licorice. Bleh.)

10. Mary Janes. (Not nearly as good as Bit-OHoney.)

Se­ri­ously, though: Does candy corn re­ally de­serve to be on any list that didn’t in­clude wax lips as the worst?


Are you re­ally go­ing to pass on a hand­ful of free candy corn?

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